7 Good Qualities in Men ...


7 Good Qualities in Men ...
7 Good Qualities in Men ...

Qualities in Men are important to look for when dating -- especially the good qualities. Knowing what qualities in men to look for will keep you from dating losers and help develop better relationships. Sometimes we get so caught up in looks and passion we forget about the long term qualities in men we need to sustain a relationship past the initial state of lust.

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A man that is trustworthy is definitely one of the top qualities in men that you should watch out for! You want someone that is not only honest with you but honest with others as well. If you are out with your man and he is so quick to lie to his friends or mom on the phone about something that shouldn’t matter, like what he’s doing at the moment or who he is with, it should lead you to wonder what else he has hiding. You definitely want a man that isn't going to go on lying to his friends or family -- because who knows, would he lie to you too?



Dedication shows the willingness to commit. If he is dedicated to his job, dedicated to his friends, even dedicated to his favorite sports team or television show, it means when the time comes, he will be able to show the same dedication and promise to you! After all, you want someone that you can see being devoted and dedicated to you right?


Family Oriented

While you aren’t looking for a “mama’s boy” you do want someone that cares about this family. It doesn’t matter if he had a tough childhood or is out of touch with someone of his family members. Having a family oriented quality in a man means that he does value the meaning of family, will be comfortable around yours, and is open to the idea of having this own family when that time comes.


Financially Responsible

Don’t mistake this quality in a man as being rich. I’m not suggesting you become a gold digger, but it is reasonable to expect a man to have some sort of financial stability. You want someone with a stable career, who understands the importance of saving for the future or larger purchases and not depending on credit cards. Remember, his baggage is your baggage if you get serious!



You may not be into guys that are overly sweet and romantic. That’s fine. Not every girl wants to be showered with romance, but don’t overlook compassion. It’s important to find a man who can feel sorry for others. If your relationship progresses into serious business you may need him to be there to console you at times. A man without compassion will not know how to act.


Sense of Humor

Hopefully, this is one of the top qualities in men that you look for! We all need someone in our lives to make us laugh. He doesn’t need to be a standup comedian, just someone that can relax, enjoy a good laugh, and make you smile. Humor also provides you with a great connection between two people, you want to be able to joke around with your partner right?



Having a dependable guy is also important. You need to feel certain that he will be there for you when you need him. If you find him quick to blow off friends and family, you may soon find that he is quick to blow you off too. Watch out for these signs as you get to know him.

Every women prefers different qualities in men, so it all comes down to what you want. You may not be ready to settle down and get married, you may not even be ready for a long term relationship, but knowing the kinds of qualities in men you want will help you find the right guy when the timing is right. It also keeps you on your toes with signs to look out for to avoid potential heartbreak. What are some other good qualities in men we should all consider?

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