7 Unconventional Date Ideas That Are a Blast ...


Once you get sick of going to the movies and mall every Friday night, there are plenty of unconventional date ideas you can try out. While it's fun to do traditional things, like get ice cream together, you don't want to do the same thing too many times in a row. It's more exciting to try something new, which is why you should test out these unconventional date ideas:

1. Get into Games

Bowling and miniature golf aren't the only games you can play with your partner. Try out laser tag or paintball. They'll get your heart racing, and will help you develop team work. If it's not your style, then go to a batting range to play baseball, or to a driving range to hit golf balls. Out of all of the unconventional date ideas that exist, trying out a new game is the most fun, because you get to be competitive.

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Nice i am going try this for my first 1 and 2 date..etc
me and my partner cycled out to the country we're both active , had breakfast at a beautiful pantry .. spontaneous moments are the best!!!
Psychics aren't scary.....lol....why would u say that?
great ideas. but it's the batting cages nor batting range. 😉
I'm going to use these!!
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