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There are some valuable pieces of advice for newlyweds that can make a huge difference in how your marriage starts out. The truth is that hindsight is 20/20, which means some of these lessons are going to be very clear to you in the future. Unfortunately, they aren’t things that newlyweds always realize the importance of at the time. So let this article be your guide as advice for newlyweds.

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Treat Each Other Carefully

One of the first pieces of advice for newlyweds is to treat each other carefully. The first year of marriage can contain some pretty ugly moments as you learn more about each other and who you really are. That is not an abnormal occurrence. But if you say things you regret, that can set your marriage up for major damage. Be careful how you treat each other in word and deed.


Don’t Lose Your Individuality

Being a couple is very important, but being an individual is too. It is so easy to get wrapped up in being newlyweds that you neglect yourself. It is important to keep some hobbies and friends outside of your marriage. It actually makes your marriage happier in the long run.


Go to Bed Mad

Research is beginning to show that going to bed mad is sometimes the best thing to do. I read this in “The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages.” Here’s the scoop on this bit of newlywed advice. Emotions run high when you argue. Sometimes taking some time to calm down and process your feelings is a good thing, and sleeping on it gives you that opportunity.


Find a Couple You Admire to Mentor You

If you are blessed enough to know an older couple with a successful, happy marriage then you may want to ask them to mentor you. This means they could offer you occasional guidance from a couple that is a little further down the road. If this isn’t a possibility, maybe there is an older woman that is happily married and has a marriage you admire that would consider being your mentor. You can learn a lot from a person that has been married for many years. They can offer you wisdom because they have already been where you are.


Make Memories Together

Your first year of marriage is special. Try to make some special memories. Some will occur naturally, of course, but go out of your way to do some special things together. Maybe you can share some traveling or come up with some new rituals, such as going out for coffee on Sunday mornings.


Communicate Clearly

You want to communicate clearly. You want your spouse to understand what you are trying to say. For this to occur, it is best to speak in a straightforward manner. Don’t be afraid to start your sentences with the words “I feel” or “I think.” By doing this, you are expressing yourself well without blaming your partner.


Trust in Your Love

The first year of marriage will have some of the sweetest and most difficult moments. Trust your love. Be secure in your relationship. Don’t allow others, such as interfering friends or family, to push you into feeling insecure. You have a relationship no one else gets to enter, so treasure that.

Now, it’s your turn. What’s the best piece of advice about marriage you have ever received? Share them here!

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