7 Ways to Attract a Guy ...


7 Ways to Attract a Guy ...
7 Ways to Attract a Guy ...

How to Attract a Guy using your body and non-verbal cues isn't easy, is it girls! It's not impossible though. Below, I'm going to teach you the ins and outs of how to attract a guy without using your voice, instead by using your personality. Personality s huge girls and it's one of the first things that guys notice about a girl. You could be extremely pretty, but if you don't have the right personality to fit with his, he won't take a second look. So ladies, are you ready to learn how to attract a guy without using your voice?

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Self Confidence

I swear, this is the biggest one that a lot of us girls lack. You're beautiful, no matter what and you should be confident in it. Self confidence is definitely one of the key tips on learning how to attract a guy. So stay confident and strong and I swear, he'll be attracted without you ever saying anything to him!


Soft Touches

When you're a girl, it's all about the touching. So why not lay a few little touches on the guy you're trying to attract? Just a small brush against his shoulder, maybe you accidentally brush against him. Whatever the case, soft touching can make all of the difference in the world and is one of the surefire ways of how to attract a guy easily and without using your words!


Dress up

Whenever possible, you want to use your clothes as an extension of you. I'm not saying dress slutty girls, but if you dress to impress, I promise that you'll attract a ton of guys! So get out that LBD and pair it with some kick butt stilettos!



Guys like a girl that's positive, not a girl that is constantly down in the dumps. One of the surefire ways on how to attract a guy is to simply be positive! You always want to emit that positivity vibe whenever possible, it'll make all of the difference!


Flirty Body Language

Cock your hip, brush your hair back, wink a little – all of these things are totally flirty and a great way to learn how how to attract a guy! I know that when I'm looking to attract a guy, I make sure that I keep up coy little glimpses, it's a great way to start a conversation and you can definitely attract a guy like that. So use your body!


Eye Contact

When you're using non-verbal cues on how to attract a guy, eye contact is so important! You can occasionally catch his eyes or do some coy little glances, like I mentioned above. Your eyes are definitely important when you're trying to attract a guy!



This is where you can finally start to use your voice ladies. Learning how to attract a guy is hard sometimes, but guys like it when a girl has wits and knows how to use 'em. So get out that sarcastic self!

Learning the ins and outs of how to attract a guy is hard when you first start out! Ladies, if you follow these how to attract a guy tips, I promise you'll have to beat the guys off of you! What tips and tricks have you used in the past? Any advice to someone who's knew at the attraction game? Come on, share your advice here!

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Their is this boy I like alot and o found out he likes my best friend.. I catch him staring at me and when I look at him he looks away.. I do not know what to do... Can you please help

Hi, well there is a guy that I like and he is always talking to me and always happy aroud me, he saves me a spot on the bench, asks me to play tag etc.., but does he really like me or does he think of me as a friend???

hey i know you from first grade and i told you and thanks

This guy has confessed having a crush on me, and I like him too, but I don't know whether to ask him out, or to wait for him to ask me out, I don't want to rush things, what should I do?

i like my bffs ex. she says she doesnt care but i know she does care (p.s. shes dating some else right now) but ive known her for a long time i know when something ticks her off. and me liking her ex ticks her off. a few days ago i told her i didnt like him but i do like her ex. I dont know if i should keep liking him or not. what do you think? Also i text him like everyday hes one of my really close guy friends. Hes sweet and romantic. Everybody says we make a good couple but i dont know if he likes me or not. Ive asked him if he likes anybody and all he says is no. so what do i do to get him to like me? Thanks in advance!!! :)

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