7 Tips to Finding the Right Guy ...


7 Tips to Finding the Right Guy ...
7 Tips to Finding the Right Guy ...

Finding the Right Guy often seems impossible. It seems like all the girls these days are trying to find the right man. Good men seem to be few and far between, but let me assure you they ARE out there. I married one myself! And I know lots of girls who have found genuine, sincere men who love them and treat them well. And let me assure you, they are out there for you too! It may be a long time coming, but sometimes the best things take time. Think of a baby. It takes nine months to form! Or a savings account. It takes a while to accumulate those pennies, but who doesn't love a fat wad of cash? But even though there are plenty of men out there, they're not all the RIGHT one for you. So I've made a list with 7 tips to finding the right guy. If you've had lousy luck lately, there could be a few things you need to tweak! Keep on reading for 7 tips to finding the right guy!

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Guys do Want Relationships

Guys do Want Relationships I think one mistake girls make when they go looking for guys is thinking that men don't want a real relationship. So they end up settling for flings or one night stands, thinking that's all they will ever be able to get. I'm here to disprove that theory! Guys DO want relationships, and as long as you're the type of girl who flits around, they will never respect you enough to settle down. So stop thinking that men don't want to be with you for longer than one night, and start holding out for somebody great! That's how you find the right guy.


Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right

Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right One tip to finding the right guy is to keep his number. Don't toss it out as soon as it's "over." One thing many girls overlook is that just because one guy doesn't work out for you, that doesn't mean his friends wouldn't! Mr. Wrong might be friends with Mr. Right! So keep in touch with your guy friends and hang out periodically to see if they have any hot men-friends you'd like to get to know a little better!


Don't Try so Hard

Don't Try so Hard If you want a tip to finding the right guy, here it is: Stop trying so hard to make it happen. Desperation often results in settling for whatever comes your way, and that's never good. It will happen when it's time and not before then. You don't need to throw yourself on every guy you see without a ring on his hand in order to find the right guy. Just be patient and wait. Good things DO come to those who wait, you'll see!


There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards

There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards I always tell my single friends that there is no need to settle. It's a good idea to have a "list" of "criteria" you would like a guy to meet. You don't need to just be content to have a man who has no job, no interest in ever having a job or trade of any kind and likes to play XBox all day and party all night. But at the same time, keep your "list" and "criteria" loose. If you have such high standards that no guy will ever be able to meet them, you may end up alone forever! Remember that guys are human just like you and give them some space to live. Also, don't pass by a perfectly nice guy with your nose in the air just because you think you deserve a prince or a king.


There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea One tip to finding the right guy is to remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yes, broken hearts take time to mend and relationships that end on a bad note can hurt for a good while. But there ARE other men out there, men who will treat you right and love you the most. Don't write off all men in the world as jerks-there are some pretty cool dudes out there just waiting to be discovered!


Be the Kind of Girl a Guy Would Want

Be the Kind of Girl a Guy Would Want If you're really serious about finding the right man, here's a big tip to keep in mind: You need to be the kind of girl a guy would WANT to have. That doesn't mean you need to be someone you're not. But if you constantly have a bad attitude, a sour expression or critical words, no guy is going to want to be around that. And most guys who look for lasting relationships aren't going to want a girl who does nothing but party all the time and liver her life in less-than-ladylike clothing. Try to be the type of girl a guy would want as his long-term girlfriend if you're serious!


Look in the Right Places

Look in the Right Places One big mistake women make when it comes to finding the right guy is that they look in all the wrong places. Bars, clubs, online dating website and your local AAA group meeting are not ideal places to find serious guys. Now, I don't mean to put down anyone who takes part in these places or belittle anyone who is in a relationship with a guy they met in one of these places! I'm just saying, on a general basis, guys who are serious or looking for a girlfriend/wife will not be hanging around these places.

I know that finding the right guy takes time and can sometimes be discouraging or disheartening when you don't get results right away. But let me encourage you to stay optimistic and never settle for less than what you deserve! You will be so happy you did when you do finally find the right man. I hope that my tips on finding the right guy have been helpful. Do you have any tips to share about finding the right guy? Please comment below, and thank you for reading!

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Perfect article! Word for word what I needed to hear right now ♥ Thanks!

I need a man that really understands me because my husband does'nt love me because he is in love with my sister and I don't won't to be with him

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