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Helpful Ways to Avoid Fights about Money with Your Partner ...

By Sici

Are you looking for some ways to avoid fighting about money with your partner? When you are in a relationship, there are plenty of things that might cause a rift or an argument, but above everything else, talk of money and finances seems to be something that has the potential to produce the most upset. The way that people handle their finances is extremely personal, and it can also be extremely different depending on what type of personality you have. If you happen to be in a relationship with somebody who values and treats money very differently to how you do, then it can be the root for a lot of tension and arguing that might lead to more serious consequences for the partnership. To help you prevent getting to this stage, here are some handy ways to avoid fighting about money with your partner.

Table of contents:

  1. No debt secrets
  2. Spending plan
  3. Total honesty
  4. Plan big purchases together
  5. Personal money

1 No Debt Secrets

Having no secrets is one of the best ways to avoid fighting about money with your partner. The worst thing in the world that you can do is hide debt from your partner. Not only does the secret continue to get the both of you into more financial trouble, but it will also completely destroy any trust that the two of you have built up when the truth is finally and inevitably revealed. Swallow your shame and come clean at the earliest possible opportunity, then you might be able to make plans and work together.

2 Spending Plan

Money needs to be taken seriously, there is no other way around it, especially when two people’s lifestyles are at stake. The most sensible thing to do is to sit down with your partner and create a spending plan, budgeting every month for all of the essentials and then perhaps a little extra for the both of you to enjoy separately. It’s a good way to allow you to enjoy some finer things without nasty financial surprises.

3 Total Honesty

Don’t hide any purchases you have made from your partner, no matter how big or small. The more you hide, the more you might buy without realising it, and once the mountain has been created, it is very hard to climb it together. Be as honest as you can with your partner with regards to your purchases, because it will be their job to let you know if your spending is a little excessive.

4 Plan Big Purchases Together

Whenever you need to make a big purchase, bigger than usual anyway, it is always a good idea to do that as a couple rather than on your own. Having the input of both parties in a relationship is a good way to prevent the risk of arguments later down the line. If you both take responsibility for a big purchase, then there is no chance of playing the blame game later down the line.

5 Personal Money

Even though you are a couple who shares everything, it doesn’t hurt to have a little stash of your own personal money that you can use to spend on things for yourself. Using your own money rather than taking from the joint pool won’t cause an argument between the two of you, but you still need to remember to be careful with your spending, even with your own money.

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