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7 Ways to Boost Your Libido in Winter ...

By Kati

Now that it’s getting colder outside, you are probably already feeling different: craving stodgy foods, being tired and having a low libido are all pretty common symptoms of seasonal fatigue! While hitting the gym and getting more kip can help with the first two, though, the latter requires extra effort. Here are some great tips for boosting your libido, and making being intimate and keeping warm in the winter extra fun.

1 The White T-Shirt Trick

Yep, this classic is a great way to boost your libido. Jump in the shower with your other half in just a white t-shirt – or if you are feeling brave, try going out in the rain wearing a white t-shirt, and give him a flash under your coat. There’s something naughty and fun about this, so it’s sure to put you both in the mood.

2 Get Inventive

Trying something new to kick start your need for intimacy doesn’t have to be scary. Bringing jewelry into the bedroom is a new trend that everyone seems to be loving – just make sure it’s not your favorite pieces! A cheap pearl necklace covered in lube and used as a kind of massage roller is a really different feeling, and it’s easy and fun. And, never underestimate the power of playing with food in the bedroom; fruit, cream, chocolate spread/body paint and flavored lubes can all add to the fun, although avoid things straight from the fridge – that's calling for a chilly reception.


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3 Be Cheeky

Photo messages don’t have to be totally dirty – something innocent and fun can still put you in the mood. How about a photo of you licking a spoon? A friend recently used this as an excuse to eat a massive cream-filled dessert before her other half came home, and really recommended it the next day. Dessert and flirting? Win.

4 Flash Away

How about a cheeky flash before your other half leaves for work? Whether it’s unbuttoning your pyjama top or lifting up your skirt, it’ll have them thinking about you all day. It also makes getting dressed much more fun. Just make sure that you leave on time!

5 Take Candy to Bed

Candy necklaces can be super fun. Try wearing it and letting him take a nibble – and don’t just wear it around your neck! Ankles, wrists and thighs are all great choices, and there are plenty of other places you could try, too. Getting playful and sticky is great foreplay, and you can always return the favor by wrapping it around their body parts, as well. Don’t forget to share if you bite some off, too!

6 Be Naked

We’re all far too used to being cuddled in layers in the winter, so mix it up by stripping off for a standard daily task. Do the dishes in the nude, or flick through a magazine…even just getting ready for bed. Being naked will refocus the mind onto you, and keep you feeling confident, too.

7 Grab a Film

Even just renting a raunchy film can help boost your libido and put you back in the mood. Rent 9 1/2 Weeks, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Notebook…anything romantic and steamy. Then cuddle up on the sofa – and don’t forget blankets, so that you can lose clothes without getting cold!

Boosting your libido in winter isn’t as hard as it may seem. In fact, the sooner you get started, you’ll find you are more in the mood than ever before! It’s just a matter of putting the effort in the first time, when your mind is more on hibernating and chocolate. Have you found a great way to put yourself in the mood to get intimate? Share it with us!

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