7 Ways to Cope with a Cheating Husband ...


7 Ways to Cope with a Cheating Husband ...
7 Ways to Cope with a Cheating Husband ...

It’s devastating to discover that your hubby has been cheating, but fortunately there are many ways to cope with a cheating husband. These approaches can help you get control of your feelings when it seems like your entire world has been flipped upside down. Below I’m going to share ways to cope with a cheating husband so you can take control of your life once again.

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Give Yourself Time

Don’t act irrationally. One of the ways to cope with a cheating husband is to give yourself time to process the hurricane of emotions you are feeling, like shock, anger, betrayal and deep sadness. Your emotions are intense right now and it may be hard to think straight. Don’t leave your husband until you have given this life-changing decision plenty of thought, because you might regret it later.


Open Lines of Communication

Confront your spouse about the affair. Some key questions to ask: When did the affair start? How long has the affair been going on? How did the affair start? Is he in love with her? Is he willing to stop all contact with her? Discuss the possible reasons for the affair. It’s essential that you know if he plans on continuing the relationship with the other woman or if he wants to work on your marriage.


Vent to Someone You Trust

Talk to someone that you trust, such as a church member or a close friend or family member. Whomever you choose, make sure it’s someone that isn’t going to turn around and gossip about your situation. If it’s hard for you to tell anyone what you are going through, write a journal for your eyes only. You need to express the rage, jealousy, confusion, heartbreak and distrust so that these negative emotions don’t create more emotional chaos within.


Sort out Your Emotions

Be honest with yourself about how you feel. Ask yourself if you are willing to continue the relationship. Do you really believe that he is remorseful about his behavior and is sincere about gaining your trust again? Do you believe you will ever be able to trust him again? Let your intuition and heart help guide your decisions.


Consider Counseling

Couples therapy is highly recommended when you are dealing with an affair. A licensed therapist can help you identify the reasons why your husband cheated. He can also help you overcome this crisis and teach you ways to rebuild a broken relationship. Both of you must be willing to work on the relationship because one person can’t save the marriage alone.


Realize That You Will Be Okay

Regardless of whether you and your husband stay together, you will be okay. It will take a lot of soul searching but you will grow from this experience and learn valuable lessons about getting over betrayal. You will also learn what it takes to make a relationship succeed and how to affair-proof your marriage. Many women have been in your shoes and have successfully managed to repair their marriage or walked away and had better lives.


Love Yourself More

Marriage is a sacred commitment and you need a spouse who respects and understands that promise of loyalty. If your husband continues to cheat or refuses to leave the other woman, love yourself enough to let him go. If he’s in love with her, you have already lost him anyways. A relationship can't be fixed if there is a third person in the middle.

If you are both equally willing to work on your marriage, have faith that you can get through this heartbreaking event. Ladies, can you share other tips on how you managed to cope with a cheating spouse?

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Wtf? No one deserves to be cheated on in the first place!

Kick his ass out!

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Mine just proved that.

This could also help some kids that know that their parent is cheating on their mother or father in someway

...and 8. When all else fells leave his cheatin' ass!! Lol!!

Uh yeah.... Theres no working through that, lets not be ridiculous. He's a dirt bag plain and simple!

I believe in forgiveness and that people can change and do better. Don't rush things, because you might regret it later.

cut his balls off!!!!

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