7 Tips for Handling a Difficult Relationship ...


7 Tips for Handling a Difficult Relationship ...
7 Tips for Handling a Difficult Relationship ...

Handling a difficult relationship is never easy, but everything that you have with your partner is worth fighting for, right? If you are handling a difficult relationship right now, know that you aren't alone and that there are tips to help you. Below, I've got some helpful tips that will not only help you handle your relationship, but that could actually save it! If you are considering a break up, take a look below before you pull the trigger!

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Set down Boundaries

Handling a difficult relationship is something that everyone does at one time or another but you've got to set down boundaries. What does that mean? If your partner is clingy as soon as you get home, just tell them you need 10 minutes with no talking. If your partner is constantly at you for not spending time with them, set a rule that both of you need to have a date night once a week. Difficult and conflicting relationships and opposite relationships are hard, but worth it!


Lose the Frustration

Frustration in a relationship can kill it. It can make both of you turn on each other and it can make the misunderstandings in your relationship that much harder to deal with. If you're constantly losing your focus with your partner and constantly getting frustrated, take a step back – why are you frustrated? Do you think it's right to get frustrated over something small? If the answer is no, let it go!


Communicate a Lot

Communication in any relationship is key. If you are in a relationship that is harder than most and you have to work at it to be together, you've got to communicate. It isn't going to get better or go anywhere if you aren't keeping the lines of communication open with one another.


Common Ground

A common ground is something that both of you have to have too – it's the base of all relationships! Whether you both have a hobby that you do together or you are just trying to find something that you are both interested in, you've got to have some type of common ground that both of you could work from.


Support Group

When you are in a relationship that you've got to work at, you can't do it by yourself. You've got to have people you can bounce ideas off of and people who know you and your partner, so that you can compare what you both are saying. A group of friends can go a long way when you're in this type of relationship!


Don't Shut down

One of the easiest things to do in a difficult relationship can be to shut down completely. It can be tempting to shut out everything and everyone that has to do with your relationship, but don't. It isn't going to make anything better and truthfully, it can just lead to someone's feelings getting hurt.


Remember the Good Times

Finally, you've got to be in your relationship for a reason, right? You've got to be with your partner for a reason, which means there were some good times. When things get bad, focus on the good things about your relationship!

Now that you know how to handle your difficult relationship, what are some of the other tips you have? Have you tried any of my tips above? Share your experience!

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I am in difficult relationship! next month his bday will come! should I wish.him or not? I feel like I'm the.one.holding relationship

I really could use all these tips in my life right now. Although very difficult to set aside the boundaries and frustrations, this article has it down pat! If you truly love someone you should always stick it out and work together; for that's what a relationship is, commitment and dedication. In these times it really seems like people don't ever stay together.......I think what we all need to remember the toughest things in life are worth fighting for; In the long-run there is always a more gratuitous and fruitful result.

@kristi, you should spend time with people who love you , not men who disrespect you. It's not healthy, try being alone for awhile and doing things you've never done before and yeah, a pet might help

This was so helpful!

I am in a difficult relationship. We have been together 22 years next month. Married for 21 this summer. I just can't can't stand being around him any more. I do care about him as a person but i feel deep down inside that I have fallen out of love with him. I feel like he cares more for the people at church and work friends and family than he does me. I am so torn I do not believe in divorce. I but I really am leaning on leaving. I just don't want to even talk to him any more. I have been suffering from migraines for years. I know they are from stress and i know it is because of him. I can go for a girls weekend or a weekend or away with my kids and i am perfectly healthy no migraines and full of energy and we have so much fun. I feel like he sucks the life right out of me. We have nothing in common any more except we have two children together and the same last name. We do not like to do the same things and the sex life has all but gone. That I could really not care too much about but the man used to not leave me alone now he wont even touch me. He is faithful I know he is not cheating on me and i am not cheating on him. He is always where he says he is going to be and home when he says he is going to be home. So i do not have to worry about that. He has just become so money hungry and obsessed with getting out of debt and made our house payments so big that we cant hardly breathe with our other bills. then if i spend any money i get yelled at. It is like he is my dad. Lately he has been opening my mail too. I had grown up in a house where if the mail had someones name on it you left it for them. I got mad and confronted him about it. He said your my wife it is my mail. I said no it is my mail I don't open your mail unless it has my name on it too. you don't open mine. Then he is yelling at me over the phone bill being so high because we have 4 cell phones. I just cant talk to this man. If i try to talk him into something it is not a good idea. But if it is something he wants then it is fine. I am just at my witts end and am done. I have tried all the suggestions you have listed over the last 18 years. But with him it is just his way or no way. Sometimes you just got to get out. I even went to counseling 3 years ago and tried to get him to go with me. He said go if you feel like you need to go but im not going. I don't have any issues i need to talk to a shrink about. i am just throwing in the towel i cant take any more.

Life isnt easy , i was married for 32 years . He cheated I left after a year . Never dreamed our marriage would come to an end . I was numb for 8 years even though I have met a man and live with him but this year the numbness is gone and I have nothing left but pain and shame . I want my life back but I know that cant happen . My x has been with numerous women . I am with a man Who also has cheated on me 4 times and I dont know where to turn anymore . I have used every avenue possible . :-(

im in a crazy relationship with somebody and he has multiple personality but i love him and i hope our relationship can around

Omg this is not good or healthy for you at all, maybe you need to find love in yourself and a pet of some sort

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