7 Fab Ways to Deal with the Valentine's Day Blues ...


7 Fab Ways to Deal with the Valentine's Day Blues ...
7 Fab Ways to Deal with the Valentine's Day Blues ...

The Valentine’s Day blues aren’t fun for anyone. It seems they strike you the most if you’re single or in a relationship that isn’t as satisfying as you hoped it would be. Thankfully, there’re some things you can do about the Valentine’s Day blues to help yourself feel better. These’re 7 ideas to help brighten your Valentine’s Day.

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Get Yourself Something Special

Just because you don’t have someone to buy you something special doesn’t mean you can’t do the job yourself. Treat yourself to something that makes your heart happy, whatever it is. For some it may be chocolate covered strawberries, for others it may be flowers or even a new designer bag. Buying yourself something you’ll enjoy can brighten up your Valentine’s Day. And don’t worry about feeling silly buying for yourself; it can be your little secret.


Make Someone else’s Day

Giving to others can make you feel just as joyful as receiving a gift. In fact, there’s a deeper level of personal satisfaction in giving than there is in receiving. Choose someone you think could use something to cheer them up. It could be your parents, siblings or even a friend. Give them something to show how much you care about them. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers.


Plan Something Fun

It can help to plan something fun to do on Valentine’s Day. This can help you keep from focusing on the fact that you aren’t in a relationship. Make plans to go out to dinner with some other single friends or order in your favorite takeout by yourself. If you opt for staying in, maybe you could plan a movie marathon. It really doesn’t matter what your plans are as long as they make you happy.


Skip It

Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down. If it upsets you to think about it, then don’t. Just decide not to acknowledge the day. Treat it like any other day of your life. If you don’t let your thoughts go there then you’ll be less likely to get the Valentine’s Day blues.


Skipping Valentine's Day can be especially empowering if you're typically sensitive to the holiday's romantic hype. You have the power to choose how you spend your day, so why not plan some self-care activities or get absorbed in your favorite hobby? Remember, celebrations are personal choices, not obligations. Surround yourself with like-minded friends or revel in some quality 'me' time. Ignore the roses and chocolates, and indulge in what truly makes you happy. After all, February 14th is just another date on the calendar — no different from the rest.


Remember How Loved You Are

It can be helpful to remember how loved you are on Valentine’s Day. Even if there’s no special someone in your life, you’re still more than likely loved by an abundance of people. Valentine’s Day is about love, not exclusively the love found in romantic relationships. Focus on all the people that love you and you’ll probably find your spirits lifted. You may even want to do something in return to show how much those that love you mean to you on Valentine’s Day.


Feeling cherished is a profound source of joy, and Valentine's Day amplifies this universal truth. Take a moment to reflect on the numerous forms of love that enrich your life—be it from family, friends, or even pets. Embrace the love that surrounds you and take it as a warm reminder that your worth isn't determined solely by romantic connections. Consider treating your supporters to handwritten notes or small tokens of appreciation. Their smiles and joy in response could be just the thing to turn your day around and fill it with love's true essence.


Stay off Social Media

Social media isn’t the best place to spend your time on Valentine’s Day. It can make you feel worse. When people are posting pictures of flower bouquets, jewelry and candy and talking about their amazing dates, it can make you feel lonely. This might be a good day to stay away from social media. You don’t need anything else to bring you down.


Remember It’s Only One Day

Valentine’s Day is only one day. It can be hard to get through when you’re single or in a relationship that isn’t going great. I’ve had some Valentine’s Days like that in my life, too. But you know what? It’s only one day and then things will go back to normal. Don’t let the Valentine’s Day blues drag you down.

Do you have the Valentine’s Day blues? What’s helping you deal? Share your tips with others.

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I've had several tragedies happen 4 years in a row around valentines day. Even tho I am married , I just ignore this time of year but ... I wish everyone else a happy vday!

I deal with valentine blues by keeping myself busy enough, not to notice the day

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