7 Ways to Survive the Holiday Stress as a Couple ...


7 Ways to Survive the Holiday Stress as a Couple ...
7 Ways to Survive the Holiday Stress as a Couple ...

Holiday Stress can seriously put any relationship instantly on edge and in danger. The holidays are coming up ladies and you know what that means: holiday stress comes with it! Don't worry though, there are tons of ways to deal with holiday stress as a couple and below, I'm going to help you survive the holidays with your man!

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Talk about Expectations

When you're dealing with holiday stress, you don't want any surprises. If you have expectations from your man during the holidays, make sure that he's aware of them! If you expect him to meet your family, want him to get you that special gift, want him to be polite all of the time – tell him. Always, during the holidays and really anytime during the year, keep the lines of communication open!


Make Plans

It's important that whenever you're dealing with holiday stress to have a plan. Where are you going on the holidays? Are you going together? What are you bringing? Ladies, it's a must to have at least a small sketch of a plan!


Non-Competitive Games

It seems like when the holidays roll around, I always have something to prove. This is a great way to start a fight and to hurt feelings. If you're going to be playing games, make sure there is either very little or no competition games – or maybe you could try some team games? That'll make you and your spouse bond!


Anticipate Holiday Stress Beforehand

Holiday stress is something that you can anticipate. If you're feeling spiteful and snappy? It's probably due to the fact you're stressed out. Just remember, you want to calm down, breathe deep and talk to your partner, they'll understand!


Don't Snap

Remember when I said, if you feel snappy, just remember it's all due to holiday stress? Well ladies, don't snap. Even if you really, really want to and you're really, really annoyed, just calm down and remember that it's just the holidays, that's all.


Pack Beforehand

If you and your partner are gonna be traveling for the holidays, pack first! It'll save you a ton of stress and heck, you'll be able to make sure that you have everything. The holidays aren't even here yet and ladies, I'm already packed!


Understand Family Drama

Family drama happens ladies, it can happen in your family it can happen in your boy's family. During the holidays, it's really difficult for everyone. So ladies, just make sure that you calm down and realize, it's all holiday stress!

With the holidays later this month, aren't you glad to be armed with these 7 holiday stress tips? I can't wait for Christmas and the New Year – but I know that the holiday stress is gonna be hard to deal with. What do you ladies do to deal with the stress? Do you meditate? Yoga? Talk it out? Come on, give me something!

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