9 Ways to Deal with Your Ex if You Work Together ...


9 Ways to Deal with Your Ex if You Work Together ...
9 Ways to Deal with Your Ex if You Work Together ...

How to Deal With Your Ex can be hard in general, but if you work with him? That makes it even harder. If you've dated someone that you work with and it didn't work out, there are ways you can learn on how to deal with your ex professionally and easily. Don't worry ladies, I got your back. Below are the top 9 ways on how to deal with your ex when you have to work together!

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Keep Really Busy

If you have to deal with your ex while your working, just stay busy. Bury yourself in paperwork, keep your headphones on or constantly make phone calls to clients. Anything that you can do to keep busy will help. Trust me, this is definitely one of the top ways on how to deal with your ex that will pay off in the end.


Don’t Badmouth

When you're at the office, one of the surefire ways on how to deal with your ex is to not bad talk him. This is especially true around the office. You don't want to put yourself under a bad light and if you start to trash talk, you'll definitely fall under a bad light.


Take a Mini Va-ca

Maybe you just need to get out of town for a little while. Taking a mini vacation, just a long weekend can do wonders for your mental health and your physical health. So ladies, if you're looking for one of the greatest ways on how to deal with your ex, take a vacation and come back refreshed and renewed!


Learn Patience

Your ex is probably not going to be as mature as you are, that's why you have to make sure that you're learning all about patience. You want to be patient with your feelings, patient with your thoughts and patient in your job. Just because you and your ex broke up, doesn't mean that the world stops, you still have to move on.


Don’t Flirt

Once an ex and you break up, you don't want to go about flirting with other co-workers to make him jealous. For one, this will make it seem like you are a relationship jumper. For two, that could start a horrible circle once he starts chatting it up with the ladies around the water cooler.


Hang out with Your Girlfriends

When you're going through a breakup and are looking for ways on how to deal with your ex, you want to have a support system. Your girlfriends are your sounding board. They are the ones that will be with you no matter what. So pick up the phone and arrange a girls night out!


Don’t Change Desks

If you happen to sit near your ex, don't make a big deal about it. Instead, just keep it all professional and courtesy and don't change desks. Once you change desks, everyone in the office will know what's up with you.


Keep Personal Stuff, Personal

When it comes to personal stuff, leave it at the door. You don't want to drag in any emotional baggage with you when you're walking into the office. I promise, it'll make a huge difference in how well you do your work!


Be Professional

Finally, as I mentioned up there, be professional. Just because you and your ex aren't together, you definitely want to make sure that you are still professional. Whether it is answering a strictly business question or giving a cold 'it was fine' when asked about your weekend, keep it all professional.

Learning how to deal with your ex isn't easy. It can take a really long time to learn how to deal with your ex easily, especially if you work with them! So ladies, would you ever have an inter-office romance? Share the deets! And if you have any other tips about how to deal with your ex without creating a lot of drama, speak up!

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