7 Things to do if Your Ex Won't Leave You Alone ...


7 Things to do if Your Ex Won't Leave You Alone ...
7 Things to do if Your Ex Won't Leave You Alone ...

What do you do when an ex won't leave you alone? If you have an ex that just won't leave you alone, it might be time to look into some tips and tricks to make sure that he leaves you alone. Below, I've got the top 7 things to do if you're ex won't leave you alone! So ladies, let's kick those exes to the curb and take a look at my tips on what to do if an ex won't leave you alone!

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Talk to Him

One of the best ways to communicate when an ex won't leave you alone is by talking to him. Who knows, maybe he just needs to closure, maybe he just needs to see that you are ready to move on. Talking to him can actually be something that will help him get over you and can actually help him leave you alone. Just make it clear that you two aren't together anymore, so he needs to let you go.


Remind Him Why You Broke up

When you talk to him, remind him why you two broke up. Was it a big fight? Was it something to do to with trust? Remind him why you two will never work and why he is wasting his time following you around or trying to get you back. Truthfully ladies, this is absolutely one of the best methods to use when an ex won't leave you alone.


Seek Help

When an ex won't leave you alone and you get scared, it might be worth it to seek some help. Professional help or even just surround yourself with a great support system that you can call on for anything. If things get really, really bad, you might want to involve the police. Stalking can happen sometimes and you should never let it get to that point.


Establish Boundaries

When you are dealing with an ex that won't leave you alone, you've got to establish some boundaries with him. When you talk to him, make sure that you tell him that you don't want to see him, that you don't want him talking to you or going to places that he knows you are. Heck, you could even go as far as blocking him on Facebook and Twitter if you need to!


Do Not Talk to Him when You're Angry

When you do talk to your ex, make sure that you do it when you are calm, cool and collected. You never want to discuss anything with him when you are angry. This could actually just make things worse and it will let on that he is getting under your skin and that's something you don't want him to know!


Be Direct

Being direct can seem mean, but it is also something that you need to do. The firmer hand you take with an ex that won't leave you alone, the better. You want him to know that you are in control and that you are serious, this isn't something that is a joking matter.


Ignore Him

Finally, when you are dealing with an ex that won't leave you alone, you want to ignore him when nothing else works. If you have talked to him, told him that you're serious, blocked him everywhere, you want to just ignore him completely.

Breaking up is something that is very hard to handle, but if you find that your ex won't leave you alone, it can be dangerous. First, try some of these tips and tricks, but if your ex won't leave you alone still, make sure that you get some help. So ladies, have you ever had an ex that just wouldn't leave you alone?

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#1 My ex won't leave me alone what do I do

Yes! We were together for a few months then I come to find out he has a wife and a child and lied about his age and everything about him. Talk about an elaborate lie. Now he wont stop talking to me, calling me horrible names and sending me gross texts no matter how much I ignore him, and he even went to far as to approach me in public the other day like nothing ever happened. I'll probably get the police involved soon if he doesn't realize he is walking on thin Ice.

I dumped my ex and he was so selfish.... It Got from obsessive Facebook stalking to a bunch of texts that are corny. To where he got All my buds involved! He even started flirting with me and I told him to stop. He wouldn't and then he used HIS BROTHER'S phone to text me. So I had to block him on Facebook . Now he is leaving me alln

I had a crazy ex who find as many ways to threaten me and make my life horrible in order to get me back. I ignored him completely and even blocked him. Took him a few months for him to realise that I'll never get back to him.

My x still bothers me he keep on calling me and a lot of stuff in school so idk wht I should do he said one last kiss to leave him alone and I kissed him and now he is in love with me and my secrete bf want to kiss me in private in school the 1st day of school but when no one looking wht do I do ??

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