8 Ways to Figure out if It's Just Sex or More ...


Have you ever wished that there were clearcut ways to figure out if it’s just sex, or if he wants something more? One of the most common relationship questions is exactly that. It can be difficult to figure out a guy’s intentions at the best of times, and it’s made even harder if he’s trying to mask them. Luckily, there are some ways to figure out if it’s just sex, suggested by men themselves. Have a read, and hopefully these will help you unravel the mystery!

1. He’s Very Physical

One of the key ways to figure out if it’s just sex is how hands on he is. Of course, everyone wants a boyfriend who finds them irresistible, and lots of physical contact is a great way to express that. There is a marked difference between the touching of a guy who wants sex, though, and the touching of a guy who wants something more. If it’s lots of hard flirting, subtle hip touches, eye contact, close standing…he’s probably not thinking with his romantic side. If he’s wanting something more, he’ll be certain to match that physical side with a caring side, and be actually interested in you.

He’ll Skip Steps


What if we argue like a married couple?
They ARE simpler- where there's no sense there's no feeling 😬
Anne Mary Khan
This was helpful. But I'm getting mixed vibes! He is hot and cold - some days we would text each other and talk about nothing in particular, and some days are dryer than the Sahara desert; no calls, no texts. Who said that men were simple creatures?
Thanks that was helpful.:)
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