7 Ways to Get Him Interested by Using Eye Contact ...


If you see a cutie from across a room, there are ways to get him interested. It can be terrifying to walk up to someone and introduce yourself, so you can try to get them to come over to you instead. All you have to do is make eye contact, and show that you're interested through your body language. Here are some ways to get him interested from across a room:

1. Look Away and Back

Even though it's tempting to stare at a hot guy (or girl), you have to moderate yourself. Look over at them for a few seconds, then look away. When they catch you glancing back a second time, they'll realize that you're interested in them. People are pretty perceptive, so don't glance back too many times, or it'll be as strange as staring. Casually looking back at him every once in a while is one of the ways to get him interested.

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Irene Kim
That is how I met my good friend Kegon. Being upfront.
(continuing from below comment) but I don't know what to do next... and I am very shy. btw we are both 26. thanks for any help
can anyone please help me? so there's this guy... and we always make eye contact whenever we pass each other at work, and he asked one of my colleagues about me,
Lol that crazy i do stuff sometimes that
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