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7 Ways to Keep Cool with Your Boyfriend in the Summer Heat ...

By Holly

When the temperature rises, you’ll want ways to keep cool with your boyfriend. Things can get hot quickly, especially when you’re snuggling up with another person. Don’t suffer through the summer. When the heat becomes too much for you, there are plenty of ways to keep cool with your boyfriend.

1 Have a Competition

When you think of competition, thoughts of hard work and sweating probably enter your mind. But jumping into the pool is one of the ways to keep cool with your boyfriend while having a bit of friendly rivalry. Use a beach ball to play some volleyball, throw a Frisbee to toss back and forth, or race to the other end of the pool. You could also play traditional games like Marco Polo. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the winner is rewarded with an underwater kiss.

2 Be Productive

If there’s a car in the driveway that needs washing, grab a hose and clean it together. It’s fine to get distracted and spray the other person. Just make sure you wear a bathing suit or clothes you don’t mind getting wet. If the neighbors aren’t around, challenge your man to another competition. Whoever can wash the car in the sexiest way wins. Of course, you’ll both feel like winners when the contest ends with sex.

3 Get Clean

Take a cold shower or bath together. Since your clothes will already be off, you’ll be able to transition to other activities quite easily. What could be better than seeing your man glisten with water? His body will look gorgeous and he’ll make you feel beautiful. Hop in the shower to get clean while acting dirty.

4 Enjoy a Snack

Eating something cold will help you cool off. You and your man can grab a drink or make your own ice cream. You just need 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a small amount of butter, and 5 tablespoons of flavored syrup. Put the bowl of ingredients into a tub that has ice and salt inside. Mix the contents of the bowl with a whisk or mixer and then eat up!

5 Play Cards

If you like to play games, try a round of strip poker. Whenever you lose a round, you have to forfeit a piece of your clothing. Start out with small things like your jewelry and work up to your shirt. Play until both of you feel more comfortable. The less clothing you wear, the colder you’ll be.

6 Play with Ice Cubes

Not all of your ice cubes have to be saved for drinks. Place one in your partner’s mouth and try to transfer it into yours with your tongue. Once you accomplish the task, run it over your man’s body. The sensation will cool him down. It’ll make him feel good in more ways than one.

7 Good Ol’ AC

There’s nothing wrong with having a lazy day in with a movie. Turn up the air conditioning and relax with your man. Pick your favorite film or watch a crummy one that you can make fun of. Either way, it should make for a relaxing time. Even if you snuggle up next to him, the air should make it so you’re not overwhelmingly hot.

Use these ideas to make it through the summer heat. How do you and your partner keep cool? Any fun ideas?

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