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7 Ways to Quit Nagging ...

By Heather

Quit nagging your man! Yes, I know that sometimes being in a long-term relationship can be frustrating, especially if your guy is on the lazy side, but did you know that nagging makes men less productive? With that being said, I’ve got the top 7 ways to quit nagging your man so he can actually do what you want! So ladies, are you ready to quit nagging?

1 Too Many Questions

Imagine walking into your apartment after a hard day at work and getting the fifth degree from your boyfriend. That’s how a guy feels when we ask him too many questions at once. I know you want to fire off the questions about his day and when he is going to do the laundry, but if you give him a few minutes of peace, he’ll be more responsive!

2 Too Much Information

This is another one that we do all of the time! A guy doesn’t need to know exactly how we want something folded or how many people are going to be at a dinner you promised he would be at. He just wants some specifics, not a detailed explanation of everything. Ladies, the key to quit nagging is keep it short and simple!


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3 Watch Your Tone

It’s really easy to slip from nagging into attitude right? When you are learning to quit nagging, you want to make sure that you’re keeping your tone calm and cool. Once you switch gears with your tone and it starts to turn whiny, you aren’t going to get anywhere with him. So ladies, quit nagging and keep your tone in check!

4 Keep Your Attitude in Check

With your tone, your attitude (as mentioned above), is important too! A guy doesn’t respond to the hand on the hip and the scowling face. If you are getting annoyed with your man, just remember to keep it calm before you blow up. Most likely, if he sees that you aren’t going to get attitude with him, he’ll do whatever you want!

5 Pick Your Battles

Oh, ladies, this was a HUGE lesson to be learned for me and I’ve been with my Better Half for over six years! Pick your friggin’ battles! Just because he didn’t take out the trash, but he did clean the litter, vacuum and clean the bathroom, doesn’t mean you have the right to blow up at him. This is one surefire way to quit nagging and it works!

6 Rephrase

With guys, you have to make sure that you are wording things correctly. You don’t want to tell them what they ‘should’ do, but rather ask them if they ‘could’ do something. Trust me, it’ll make a huge difference!

7 Don’t Talk

Finally ladies, I know that it’s hard to know when to shut up, but you gotta learn it. If you see that your guy is getting irritated, it might not be the best time to bring up something he didn’t do last week. Just remember, he has feelings to and you have to take those into account. If he gets frustrated, it could end up in a fight and is a clean bathroom really worth a fight?

Learning how to quit nagging is hard, I know it is, but it’s important too. Once you master these top 7 ways to quit nagging, I know that you’ll see a huge difference in your man. So girls, how do you stop nagging your guy? What makes you crazy about him?

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