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7 Things to do Instead of Nagging Your Man ...

By Corina

We all have different workloads and priorities and we all have a different understanding of what a normal timeline should look like from request to deadline. There are a lot of ways to get a guy to do what you want without being a nag. In fact, studies have shown that being a nag is just as unpleasant as being nagged. That’s why it’s important to find strategies to avoid nagging so you can bring a real happiness boost to your relationship. In almost every relationship, chores are usually a source of conflict but instead of fighting, complaining, shouting or pouting, try adding a bit of old-fashioned charm if you want to convince your guy to do a certain thing. Here are 7 alternatives to nagging that you should consider:

1 Choose One Thing

If your partner is extremely busy but you still want him to do a lot of chores around the house, then try to focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise he might feel overwhelmed and he will be unable to respond quickly to your request. Consider all of your requests and determine which one of them is the most important and time-sensitive and ask him to do that.

2 “Kill Him with Kindness”

If you want to convince your significant other to do a certain thing, don’t nag him. Instead, kill him with kindness. For example, make him feel really good about himself, tell him how much you appreciate that you can always count on him and how grateful you are for having such a wonderful partner. This way, he will be more than pleased to help you because he will want you to keep seeing him as your hero.

3 Lean in for a Kiss

There is nothing sweeter and more efficient than a long kiss before asking for something. It can be your way of saying that you need his help and that you are not going to fight him for it. He will appreciate your small little gesture of affection and he will do everything in his power to make you happy.

4 Don’t Insist That a Task Be Done on Your Schedule

If you want to convince your partner to do a couple of chores, try not to make him do them on your schedule. Give him a choice and allow him to do them whenever he feels like doing them, but make sure that you still tell him that those things should be done by a certain time. This way, he will have more freedom to choose when he will do those chores and you won’t have to nag him.

5 Remind Your Partner That It’s Better to Decline a Task than Break a Promise

Tell your significant other that once they promised that they would do a certain thing, they should keep their word because you are counting on them. If they don’t want to do a specific task, they should just tell you because you can understand and you can ask them to do something else.

6 Do It Together

Instead of getting upset or starting an argument with your signifiant other because they didn’t do a specific thing you asked them to do, try to be a bit more understanding sometimes and do that thing together. He will appreciate your help because this kind of pitching-in wins enormous goodwill.

7 Celebrate Small Victories

Even if your partner doesn’t always do what you ask them to do and they often forget about their chores, try to celebrate every small victory. For example, if they haven’t forgot to take out the trash on their way out to work, tell them that you noticed that and you are thankful to them for helping you out. You could even give them a little kiss or hug to show your gratitude.

It’s important to eliminate conflict from your love life if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. Do your know any other alternatives to nagging? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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