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What Does Love Look like

By Earnest

Ever asked what does love look like?
Love is…
Is it roses and chocolates on Valentine's Day? Is it a special someone serenading you under the moon light? That moment your palms become sweaty and you find your heart beating a little faster than normal - is that it? Does it fill the minutes of your day with vivid day dreams of destinations with them hands intertwined? Is love long walks on beaches or trails with longing looks into eyes full of promises to come? Warm and fuzzies, head over heels, where have you been all of my life and why am I just now meeting you? Is this it? Is this what love is?

What does love look like?

Love looks like all of these things and none of the things all at the same time. The four letter word with an infinite range of emotion. Love is the greatest roller coaster we will ever ride in life, with addictive highs and inconceivable lows. We sometimes spend our lives looking for it, only to find it and realize our inability to keep it, nurture it, and appreciate it. Love requires a selflessness we have yet to master because we’ve searched for it for so long. We know all we have to do it find it, and life will be perfect. Love looks like the shiniest most expensive vehicle on the showroom floor until one possesses it and realizes the cost of maintenance required to keep it.

Love is everything we’ve thought it was and nothing we were prepared for. It changes us from the inside out, it matures us, it reminds us that our lives are meant to be lived with others in it. We love ourselves, but to experience the love of another expands our capacity to be submerged completely under waves with no fear of drowning. Love is teaching her to walk again, after the devastating wreck. Love is the longing embrace and forehead kiss after all of the hair has fallen away from chemo. Love is a broken heart, mending itself together again, in hopes to still find the perfect beat. Love is longing for them even after the realization that although you finally understood what love is, they did not.

Now that I’ve scratched the surface of what love is, I hope you will be able to recognize what it is not!

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