What Happened on My Nightmare Date ...


What Happened on My Nightmare Date ...
What Happened on My Nightmare Date ...

Are you ready to hear what happened on my nightmare date? You aren't going to believe it! I'm sure you've been on at least one nightmare date yourself so you know where I'm coming from. This story should make you feel a little better about your own horrific experience.

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The dating scene was never really my thing, I had been casually dating my now husband since I was 16 so maybe my heart knew I had already found the one! At 19 though, I made the biggest dating mistake of my life! I accepted a date from a guy that went to my college just because he had tickets to a minor league baseball game so maybe what followed next was payback for using him? Here's what happened on my nightmare date.


First Inning

I had no interest in this fellow but being a sport enthusiast how could I turn down a free game of America’s favorite pastime? So I waited at my house to be picked up looking as casual as I could for a friendly hang out. Everything started out so well, he picked me up on time and was all for going to Taco Cabana to eat (my college favorite). Sadly things took a turn once we were at the restaurant ready to order. I ordered my usual giant beef fajita taco cabana bowl and he proceeded to order two small tacos. Now I love to eat and today my husband and I have the best dates spent on our couch pigging out on all the junk food we can get a hold of while watching good movies. So to say I was distraught that he barely ate one taco and spent the majority of his time just watching me eat would be an understatement. I was tempted to ask if I could finish his second taco, I however am a lady but I won't say that my heart didn’t cry a little when he put his second taco in the trash as we prepared to leave.


Second Inning

Ok so not having a love for food may be forgivable, but things had really just began. We arrived to the ball park and I was excited to see a good game. With the opening pitch, the game was going, the atmosphere was right, the game was exciting and through it all nonstop talking from this male who I assumed would also be interested in the game. He wanted to know every little detail of my life that I would have been willing to talk about in a different setting, but not at a game. He looked intensely bored when I became excited about a good play that had just occurred. So not only could this boy not enjoy a good meal, but he could not enjoy a great baseball game either! Did I mention he bought no game time snacks? The disappointments just piled on!


Third Inning

So I was trying my hardest to make it through the game with as much enjoyment as I could muster when a batter lost control of his bat and it went sailing into the stands nailing a young girl in the head. People rushed in to help, blood could be seen running down the young girl's face as her forehead had been busted open. Medics came rushing in attempting to stop the bleeding in order to transport the young girl to the hospital. This boy somehow got the bright idea that this would be the perfect time to attempt a kiss! How in the world does a medical emergency set any kind of romantic mood! Luckily at the same time of his attempt the medics begin to transport the young girl out of the park. So I yelled “look, look there taking her." Now this might appear rude, but I really had given every indication that I meant this as a friendly hangout.


Fourth Inning

The game continued and ended without any more unwelcome advances and we left the park, jumped in his truck and headed back to my house. As I was thinking to myself, "well now I know a free ball game is not worth a bad date but oh well at least it’s over," I heard a pop and then thwap, thwap, thwap. I looked over and heard him utter nervously “I think I have a flat.” I laughed to myself as he pulled over and got down to change the tire. After a few moments he came to my passenger door opened it up and said “I’m having some trouble and I have called my dad." He didn’t know how to change a tire, I could not believe it. Was I being punked? We waited mostly in silence for his dad. I could tell he was embarrassed and when his dad arrived he quickly got out of the truck and waited by his deflated tire along with his deflated ego. Before his dad headed to his son though he opened the driver side door and said, "I am so sorry I’m so embarrassed." I wasn’t sure what to laugh at first, the fact that his dad apologized for the lack of knowledge his son held or the fact that his dad was a big macho tattooed biker type man that seemed super cool. Either way, the tire was changed and we were back on our way. Or so I thought.


Fifth Inning

Not knowing too much about vehicles, I assumed that the spare would be sufficient enough to get me home on the other side of town. I was wrong. My date calmly explained to me that we would have to go to his house and ask his grandma to borrow her van. I won’t say that I was understanding. I may have asked a time or two if he was sure his truck wouldn’t make it to my house. At this point it has gotten dark so as we pulled up to his house, he asked me to wait in the truck because his grandma is probably already asleep. So picture this - an unsavory part of town. It’s dark with neighbors in their yards, people walking by behind the truck and I’m hearing yelling from the inside of the house. To say I was scared would be an understatement, but after a short while he returned and reluctantly let me know that his grandma would be driving me home. I climbed in his grandma's van. Grandma didn’t look to pleased and didn’t say much so the drive home was awkward to say the least, but at least I was finally on my way home.


Sixth Inning

Upon arriving at my place, I eagerly got down and was a bit disappointed when the boy insisted on walking me to the door, but I supposed he was being a gentlemen. I gave him an awkward hug and luckily that’s all he really attempted, probably because of the constant staring of his grandma. The next weekend my now husband asked if I would like to date exclusively and I was more than willing to accept! Our dates included awesome pig out fests, basketball games spent cheering and a flat tire on a day trip where he changed the tire beautifully.


Seventh Inning

Now let me be honest. The first date might not always be the tell all, the first date with my now husband was a disaster too. He fell asleep in the movies, something he still does to this day! Watch for the things that do matter when dating and you just might get lucky like myself and find someone that can make you feel like you have a lifetime best friend.

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