Creepy Guy Rejections That Will save You Later on ...


Creepy Guy Rejections That Will save You Later on ...
Creepy Guy Rejections That Will save You Later on ...

Every woman needs to be prepared with some ways to get rid of a creepy guy who fancies you when the feelings aren't reciprocated. Even though it is flattering to be singled out as the object of a person’s attention, it isn’t always welcome. Generally a man will eventually get the message that you’re not interested- if they don’t get it straight away, but hen there’s the persistent, slightly creepy, quite male who persists in making a nuisance of himself. This is when you need ways to get rid of a creepy guy.

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Give Him a Straight and Honest No

This is one of the basic ways to get rid of a creepy guy who fancies you. It must be a clear and resounding no without any room for misinterpretation. Words such as “never” must be used. He may try to protest and say that he just wants to be friends, but you can't fall for it because he'll use your friendship as a chance to continue pursuing you. Don't tell him you're not interested in dating now to try and be nice; he will see this as less competition to encourage his obsession with you making it more likely in his mind that you will one day fold and take him as your lover.


Overtly Avoid Him

If he has started to creep you out already by his presence in your life then avoid him. For example, if you say that you are not going to a party, he may try to meet up with you before the party or after at which point you need to point out you are not interested in him and will be completely busy. Make sure he knows you are busy. But also make sure you don't get caught in a lie- creepy guys can be unstable.


Latch on to Another Man and do Not Let Go

There are many times a woman will find another guy in a club and stick to him because a weirdo has just told her his life story and now won’t leave her alone. It is not the best idea, but if the weirdo is not actually a physical threat then hanging out with another guy is going to keep him at a distance. Some men do not mind giving in to their protective instincts to help a girl in need but make sure you do not pick a guy who is a threat himself or is unstable enough to put you in harms way.


If He is Lonely He is Not Reasonable

Women are the same with this, which is why lonely women are so vulnerable to sleazebags and sexual predators. He too is vulnerable but this is about your comfort and not his. You may feel sorry for him but you need to explain to him how you are never going to be with him. Point out that women do not find his behavior attractive and that he should find places where shy and lonely women frequent or turn his attention to someone who appreciates it instead of chasing after you.


Set Him up with a Friend

You probably have 'weird' friends yourself or know someone that would suit him very nicely. One of the best ways to get rid of a creepy guy who fancies you is to set him up with his female equivalent. They will both protest that they do not like the other but you have to be persistent without being annoying. By setting them up his sights are off you and maybe they'll find true love in one another.


Stop Accepting His Gifts and Compliments

You cannot have it both ways. If you want rid of him then do not accept his gifts, compliments, constant texts, or gestures. If he opens a door for you then tell him you can open them for yourself, etc. These are things you need to do if you have told him you are not interested a lot of times and he is being persistent. By allowing him to do nice things for you you are leading him on which isn't fair and could end up badly.


Look up What “harassment” Means Because You Don’t Know

Harassment is when you have given repeated “no's” and “never's” and have made it as clear as day and he still will not stop. Clear indication has to be more than just not answering his phone calls or not saying thank you for the presents he gives you. You must clearly tell him no every single time he tries. False reports of harassment waste police and court time and not having the fact you said no or having the argument that you accepted things from him makes you look as though you're crying wolf. A guy flirting with you or trying to get to know you is not harassment. Do not let it get to the point where you even have to consider taking such serious steps.

You can still be a lady and deal with the persistent creepy guy. Don’t not be forceful in an attempt to remain nice or because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. He’s not paying your feelings any respect by not abiding your wishes to leave you alone, you don't owe the same in return. Have you ever been in this situation?

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I can tell you as a shy female, that I DO NOT like weird men. Weird people are unattractive to nearly everybody!

It's amazing thanks for ur info

Acually,if you set him up with a friend,he will go with them jus to be with you of he is "that" stalkerish

Hey gurls, just wanted to give you my personal experience: me and my bf frog have been stable for a while now, but I have to say sometimes other frogs just can't resist me and shower on their lurv. Sometimes I have to admit I've looked at another frog in a way which shames me and my frog so just wat im trying to say is never let another frog steal your lurv because wen you go home the frog that you really lurv will have a bath ready for u to slip into and become intimate with him xx69:)

A few other tips (these are good by the way!): search for him on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites you use- block him. Other good tips: never travel alone, have buddies, if you can block his number & document stuff if you can- keep your friends and family posted. Be warned you may be greeted with phrases like "he just likes you" "it's a part of being pretty." I dealt with this a lot and I have heard more harmful things that put the blame on me. Do not fall for it.

O my god this is really helpful

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