What is a Soulmate ?


What is  a Soulmate ?
What is  a Soulmate ?

What is a soulmate? Have you ever wondered what a soulmate really is or if you have or will meet your soulmate? Soulmates are not always romantic or people you fall in love with. Soulmates can come into your life in many ways and on many levels. You can have more then one soulmate connection in your life. This is the kind of connection that you feel when you connect with someone almost instantly and they feel familiar to you like you know them from another time and place. These connections are also referred to as karmic connections because they are connections from a past life and are not always positive, just familiar. That's a pretty good answer for what is a soulmate?

You may meet someone who you feel like you know instantly. You finish each other sentences, feel the same and think the same. It seems uncanny the connection you have with this person and you are convinced that he or she is your soulmate. Sometimes, however, the connection and familiarity you feel is of a connection from a past life that wasn’t a good one. The person may have hurt you in the past life and some kind of retribution is owed in this life and once it is resolved the situation seems to hold less appeal or the connection may be broken.

Family members, relatives, and friends can all be soulmates and have a deeper meaning and deeper spiritual connections than other relationships in your life because you have a special attachment to these people. Even pets can be soulmates, especially when you look at some of these stories of pets saving their owners' lives and laying at their graves. There is a selfless love for people and their pets that seems karmic. There are very strong people/pet connections that ascend beyond the mundane. Karmic connections are all part of the cast of characters each of us has in the production of our life.

There are different kinds of relationships you will have in your life and all have their own unique qualities, but only you know who clicks with you on that deeper soulmate level and those connections are rarer by nature but you will know it when you find it.

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