What Kind of πŸ€” Lover πŸ’– Are You?


We all have our own ideas of love and that equates to there being many different kinds of lovers. Love might make the world go round but it’s the many characters that make it so colorful. Let’s see which kind of lover you are and how many other types you have encountered in your dating adventures.

1. The Giver

The Giver

A selfless lover who always puts their partner first in every situation, often accompanied by an unjustified feeling of low self esteem.

The Taker


Kanjana Jaroentempiam
I'd be the Drama Seeker and Loyal lover... hahaha
I'm a mongrel. A mix of many.
Wendy! You can't be! I am!
Isabella Coles
Giver, pleaser, passionate, loyal, enthusiast... I'm a emotional one too, I could say I really put my everything into it, fully devoted! ^_^
Neecey Beresford
@Jeanette,Β I'm sorry you feel let down. I like to think this is a positive force. Sometimes, we - all of us - need "labels" to help us understand ourselves and the people in our circles. As we unders...
Can't help but think these types of articles are very unhelpful. Why do we feel the need to label and/or be labelled? Neecey I usually love your articles, but this one let me down.
Pinkz Marquillero
I guess, I'm all of the above! ahahaha
I am the best lover ever ;)
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