Is This Why Your Crush Doesn't like You Back ?


Is This Why Your Crush Doesn't like You Back ?
Is This Why Your Crush Doesn't like You Back ?

All you want is for him to like you back. You think you’re dropping enough hints and sending signals for him to get the message but he’s just not responding. Trouble is, you don’t know whether he’s ignorant of the message or just not bothered. In most cases, unless you’re brave enough to make the first move, it is probably best to move on and forget him. That however, will not stop you wondering why nothing came of your crush. You want some clues why he doesn’t like you back.

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Trying Too Hard

Trying Too Hard Could you be trying a little too bit hard to get his attention and win his affections? Sometimes this can look a big desperate, and being desperate is a total turn off!


He Likes Someone else

He Likes Someone else You might not like it, but you won’t be the only woman in his life, and if he is romantically interested in another, you’ll have to bit the bullet and accept it.


Is He Gay?

Is He Gay? It might sound like a joke, but there are plenty of ladies out there who can never tell if the guy they fancy is in fact interested in other men!


You’re Too Available

You’re Too Available Sometimes men tend to want something that they cannot have, so try not to make yourself so available and he might finally take interest.


Not His Type

Not His Type I’m afraid if this is the case, then no amount of trying can help the situation. Just like you wouldn’t want to date someone you’re not attracted to, neither would he.


You’ve Been Friend Zoned

You’ve Been Friend Zoned Friend zoning works both ways, you know! It might be the case that in his eyes, the two of you have become too good a platonic pair to rock the boat.


He’s Not Sexually Attracted to You

He’s Not Sexually Attracted to You He may think that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, but if there isn’t a sexual chemistry then it simply isn’t going to work.


You're Not Compatible

You're Not Compatible Some pairs of people are just not compatible as lovers, so if he thinks that you aren’t right for each other, you have to respect that.


Different Personalities

Different Personalities If you have quite different emotional temperaments, a relationship between you could be more trouble than it’s worth.


He Has High Standards

He Has High Standards He might have super high standards, and to be honest, if he is one of those men who expect a supermodel, he probably isn’t worth it anyway.


Differing Backgrounds

Differing Backgrounds It might seem cute in films like Pretty In Pink, but for some people a vast difference in background can be a deal breaker.


He’s Not Ready

He’s Not Ready It could be that he’s just not ready for the kind of relationship that he thinks you might want. Perhaps let him know your feelings and you can take it slow.


He is Clueless

He is Clueless Let’s face it; some men need a little kick in the right direction! He may have absolutely no idea that you are even interested in him!


You’re Too Forward

You’re Too Forward If you are being a little too aggressive about it, your forward nature might be putting him off.


There’s an Age Difference

There’s an Age Difference Even if an age difference doesn’t bother you, it might bother him, so have an honest discussion about it and see what happens.


He Has Low Self Esteem

He Has Low Self Esteem It might be the case that he doesn’t feel as though he deserves a girl like you, so it will be your job to let him know that he’s wrong!


Religious Differences

Religious Differences It’s always best to make sure that you know about any religious beliefs before you dive in, as it could be a problem down the line.


He’s Shy

He’s Shy He actually is, just nothing more, too scared to ask you out. Are you brave enough to make the first move?


He Wants to Be Single

He Wants to Be Single There are all sorts of reasons for this. It might be a lifestyle choice because he just wants to have fun with his mates; he might be going away to college or to work; he might be going traveling; he might even be bowing down to parental pressure.

Like I said at the beginning, you may never know the reasons your crush doesn’t like you back. Whatever his reason(s), it’s not worth putting your life on hold. Time to move on girl.

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5 minutes before the rest

Oops-I mean don't give up hope of meeting someone 5 minutes before-as you never know, when, where, who with. BUT-live you're own life-when I've looked for a BF, nothing. When I just started looking after me? I was like a magnet. Confidence in you is key

The future is wide open. Posing


You are more than right! Have practiced all with one person and we are still in real pain cause we have already got kids and the life seems like a hill.

Been there. Done that. 

He probably hasn't understood that he is the only one I'm intersted in or he just doesn't want a relationship right now 🤔 I wish I knew what's going on in his mind 😔😔😔

So dammit-do it!


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