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How Smart Women Deal when They Get a New Crush ...

By Holly

You don't want your feelings for a boy to get out of hand. That's why you need to learn the proper way to handle your crushes. That way, you won't end up with your heart shattered and your reputation ruined. Keeping that in mind, here are a few things that smart women do when they start crushing on someone new:

1 Introduce Themselves

Introduce Themselves You can't date a guy that you've never spoken to before. If you see a cutie, be brave and walk right up to him. He won't think you're strange for introducing yourself. After all, it's not like you're proposing to him. You're just making a friendly gesture. Besides, if he thinks you're cute too, he'll be relieved that you made the first move!

2 Find out if He’s Single

Find out if He’s Single You don't want to go after a boy with a girlfriend. It's just plain disrespectful. Even if his girlfriend doesn't mind it, you'll end up with a broken heart once you discover the truth. That's why the first thing you should do when you develop a new crush is find out what his relationship status is. Then you can decide what your next move will be.

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3 Do a Little Research on Him

Do a Little Research on Him Thanks to the internet, there are dozens of sites you can check to find out more about your crush. Take a look at his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social media site that you can find. It's a great way to check for red flags before you get too serious about him.

4 Get to Know Him Better

Get to Know Him Better Don't fall in love with the man you're picturing in your mind. If you have feelings for a guy, it should be for the "real" him and not the picture perfect one you've been daydreaming about. That means that you should actually get to know him before you let your feelings get any stronger.

5 Don’t Become Too Available

Don’t Become Too Available If you want to spend time with him, you might have to rearrange your schedule to set up a date. However, that doesn't mean that you should drop everything in order to please him. It's never a good idea to let a boy become your whole world, especially when you two aren't even dating yet.

6 Keep Your Eyes Open for Red Flags

Keep Your Eyes Open for Red Flags Don't let yourself get blinded by your feelings for him. Even though he seems like a nice guy, he's bound to have flaws. Keep your eyes open for them. If he says or does something that's clearly a deal-breaker, then you shouldn't waste time debating whether or not you should stay with him. Leave, no matter what your heart says. Your brain usually knows better.

7 Stay Positive and Be Patient

Stay Positive and Be Patient You're a beautiful woman, and you have to remember that. Don't get upset, just because your crush is taking a while to text you back. Don't get upset if he bluntly rejects you, either. You need to remain positive and remember that you're a catch. If your crush doesn't realize that, another man will. You just have to be patient.

8 Don't Wait for Him to Call or Text First

hair, pink, blond, hairstyle, beauty, It may be taboo for women to send the first text or phone call, but this is 2017...if you want to talk with him, talk with him! This will show him how interested you are in him.

9 Get to Know His Friends

rock concert, entertainment, nightclub, Who you surround yourself says a lot about a person. Hanging with his friends is a great indicator at what he's like when you're not around. If you don't get along with his guys, this can be a red flag.

10 Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New

clothing, footwear, fashion, If he's really into a sport or activity you've never tried, don't be afraid to try something new! If he loves rock climbing or skateboarding, go with the flow. Trying something different and sharing in an experience he loves will show you how well you work together and your openness to new experiences. Get out of your comfort zone!

If you do all of the things listed above, you can prevent yourself from having your heart completely shattered. What other things do you think a girl should do when they start crushing on somebody new?

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