When You Have to Break up with a Nice Person ...


When You Have to Break up with a Nice Person ...
When You Have to Break up with a Nice Person ...

We all know what layoffs are. You’re working someplace, they announce cutbacks, and you get a pink slip for all your years of dedication and service. But what about when you are the one giving a pink slip in a “romantic” relationship?

Breaking someone’s heart is no easy task. It is especially difficult if the person you are leaving is wonderful in every way. You may ask, “why leave?” Well, that can get complicated and simple at the same time. Complicated, in that you can’t explain why. Simple, in that you simply don’t love the other person.

Love and like gets tricky. You can almost go through a check list of everything you ever wanted in a relationship. The person you are about to give the “pink slip” fulfills every category. They’re this, they’re that, the sex might even be respectable. But, what if the love ain’t there? You got nothing but an empty relationship, prime for a “pink-slip.”

That all makes sense. And, you should leave. But, what if the person is so nice and sweet you can’t stomach breaking their heart? Some people start treating the other person really bad, hoping the sweet person with “resign” from the “position.” Others just pedal along, hoping by magic, they can somehow exit the relationship, and not hurt anybody’s feelings.

The fact is, there is never a right time except the right time. Sometimes you just have to do it; rip the Band-Aid off so-to-speak, so the real healing can begin.

Remember, you are not only wasting your time but the “hopelessly in love’s” time also. Healing begins when the relationship ends, as painful as it can be.

I compared breaking someone’s heart to “layoffs.” This is not by accident. When someone gets laid off, there is always a little hope inside that the company will call them up one afternoon and say, “We love you, come on back!” In an unwanted relationship, this can be a problem. You have to be very careful when you get out of a relationship with this really nice person who loves you. If you are gonna walk, walk. Don’t keep them suffering and hoping, when there is no hope of ever getting back together. Yes, you have to cut them off, not “lay them off.”

Beware! If you are not careful, a sweet person will beg and guilt you right back into the same situation. Feeling sorry for someone by getting back with them, is not love. In fact, it’s a problem. You may say this article is a little too harsh and cold, but it is not. It is not written for you, it is written for the ones who are helplessly in love with you. In a sense, this note is pleading with you to be honest with your “nice person” and yourself. They need you to do what they can’t. Don’t waste anymore of your time or theirs.

Bottom line, it’s never a good time to do what you know you need to do. They need you to be strong for the both of you. It’s your call, just be respectful.

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Well said Chris.

THANK YOU deeply for this, Chris🙏🙏🌟🌈~ SO VERY relevant & more~than~poignant for me...As I’m dealing with EXACTLY THIS right now in my life~with my own WIFE, no less😭😭💔💔. It breaks my heart & to know what you’re saying is right, but you ARE right.

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