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7 Wonderful Reasons to Renew Your Vows ...

By Diana

Some people may think it’s silly and a waste of time, but I believe there are many good reasons to renew your vows. If you’re considering it and need a little nudge or would like to give someone else some direction, continue reading for great reasons to renew your vows for that extra help you need.

1 Budget

There are many couples who just didn't have the expenses the first time they said 'I do,' which is why this is my top reason to renew your vows. Perhaps they got married at the courthouse, but really wanted that grand hall ceremony or a destination wedding on a tropical island. Now that they have a more secure budget and don’t have any debt, why not renew their vows and have the big day they really wanted to plan?

2 Kids

Many of us share the memories of our wedding day with our children by telling them stories and showing them photos or a video. But, how beautiful would it be if they could actually experience your big day all over again when you host a vow renewal?! Reliving the experience with your children is one of the best reasons to renew your vows, even if it’s a small ceremony and reception in your backyard or on the beach.

3 Family

Besides your children, perhaps there are other family members who weren’t around for the first set of vows as well. Was your brother overseas while serving in the military, do you have a favorite Aunt who finally moved back home, or maybe you have the best nieces and nephews in the world and want them to be in your ceremony this time? Renewing your vows is a celebration of your relationship as well as an appreciation for the family that has grown around you. Give them the experience they missed out on the first time, so they can help share these memories with you for a lifetime.

4 Anniversary

Since you were planning on celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary in style with a big party any way, why not surprise your guests with a vow renewal?! There will already be cake to order and invitations to send out, so it won’t be too difficult to just kick things into gear to make it an actual vow renewal ceremony. Check out my post on the wedding blog for fun ideas for renewing your vows at

5 Your Way

When you said ‘I do’ the first time, you didn’t really get the dress you had your eye on because you were too shy to say yes to the one with sparkles and pink flowers on it. Plus, on top of the plain and boring dress, you also got the simple centerpieces because that’s what your mother said to get. So, it’s time for a re-do and this time your dress, ceremony, and reception are going to be planned the way you want them to go. No more taking orders from your mother and mother-in-law; if you want the pink dress, and the larger than life centerpieces, then that’s what you’re going to get!

6 A Simple Plan

There was just too much going on the first time you said 'I do,' and everyone was pulling you in their direction during your entire wedding day. This time, you want things to be simple, relaxed, and easy. No bridesmaids, groomsmen, or in-laws; just you, your significant other, the officiant, and a photographer. You want less stressful memories and more loving ones to carry with you, so this time when you look at your photos, you will remember the love and not your bridesmaids fighting!

7 Life Changing Events

You have been through some pretty tough times together, whether financial, health, or otherwise, and though they were stressful moments, you made it and did it together. Now that things are better and are looking up, a vow renewal would be a wonderful way to celebrate how far you have come, how blessed you are, and how strong your love is for one another. Something simple and peaceful with a few family members and friends would be a nice way to gather together to say ‘I do’ the second time around.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to renew their vows, but no reason is ever wrong to express the love you share with another person. So, how did you say ‘I do’ all over again?

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