7 Worst Places for PDA ...


7 Worst Places for PDA ...
7 Worst Places for PDA ...

As much as you love grabbing at your boyfriend, you should avoid doing so at the worst places for PDA. You don't want to make anyone else uncomfortable. If your relationship is strong, then you'll be able to wait a few hours until you're in the privacy of your own homes to make-out. Even if you're unafraid of people staring at you, you should be polite by avoiding kissing at the worst places for PDA:

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If you're in a classroom or a crowded hallway, there's no reason to make-out. You can peck your boyfriend's lips if you need to touch him, but don't go overboard. There are tons of people around you that don't want to see your tongues. That's why schools are one of the worst places for PDA. You're there to learn, not to make a baby.



If you value your job, you won't make-out on the clock. If you do, you risk getting fired. Even if your boss doesn't see you, you could lose the respect of your coworkers. Is giving your boyfriend a few kisses really worth losing your job?


Family Events

Your family wants to know that you're with someone who loves you, but they don't want to see him on top of you. If your parents or siblings are in the room, don't go crazy. If you're dying to kiss, there must be someplace you can sneak off to. If there isn't, then you're just going to have to wait. You wouldn't want your parents kissing like that in front of you, so don't let them see you doing the same.


Public Transportation

If you're on a packed bus, train, or airplane, don't make-out with your boyfriend while sitting in your seat. Even if others are unable to see you, they'll still be able to hear you. All they want is a peaceful ride back home, so don't make them suffer through your puckering.


On a Line

If you're on a line at the supermarket or at an amusement park, don't make-out. You'll be crammed together with other people, which means that they'll have a front row seat to your show. Nobody wants that, so be polite and avoid doing it.


Crowded Theater

Movie theaters have a reputation of being a great place to make-out, since it's so dark. However, unless the theater is pretty much empty, you don't want to be kissing your boyfriend throughout the entire film. The theater will be dead quiet, so someone is bound to hear you and wish you weren't there to ruin the movie they paid ten bucks to see.


Double Date

If you're at a party with your friends, feel free to move to the corner to make-out. But if you're on a double date, where your friends are always close by, you shouldn't make them watch you kiss. It's awkward for everyone involved, so you should just stick to holding hands.

There's nothing wrong with kissing a bit in front of others, as long as you don't go overboard. There's a line that you don't want to cross, especially if you're around your family or coworkers. Do you ever engage in PDA or do you only kiss when you're in the privacy of your own home?

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Family events I don't agree with. My mans family loves seeing us snuggle and kiss

I'm so guilty of all!!

Not the movies! Dang it.....

Where's number 1??? O.o

Hate PDA's at school.....

you forgot a funeral lol


Church definitely makes the list

Never mind my phone was lagging... Awks...

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