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7 Things Best Left out of Your Relationship ...

By Michelle

I hate to come off harsh, but some of the little things that you do can be the worst things for your relationship. These are basic things that many couples do every single day. They can be easily avoided, and when they are, they will make your relationship almost invincible. Brace yourself, and read some of the worst things for your relationship that you can get rid of, so you can live happily ever after.

1 Playing Dumb

Playing dumb might seem to work well at first, but when you really start to get involved with someone, you’re going to want to be the intelligent person you really are. Your partner will realize that you were being fake during the beginning of your relationship, in other words not the person he liked in the beginning. This is why playing dumb can be one of the worst things for your relationship.

2 Flirting with Others

This is a big no no! Even if you’re harmlessly flirting with a random stranger on the street that you will never see again, it could be the beginning of a really bad habit. I’ve seen girls who just openly check out other men when they are with their boyfriends. Even though men sometimes seem stereotypically oblivious, they actually notice a lot, including when you flirt with other men. This includes texting ladies! You can’t flirt over texts. How would you like it if your partner was doing that to you?

3 Nagging

Many women do this, and all men hate this. Nagging is basically telling your partner everything they need to do all the time. Eventually your partner will just want to be left alone because the more you nag, the more annoying they think you are.

4 Fighting Dirty

This applies to both men and women. Fighting dirty is basically insulting the person on personal issues instead of trying to solve the problem that is at hand. Fighting is perfectly normal in relationships, but if you want a healthy relationship you have to learn what not to say in a fight. You should want to fix the relationship more than you want to win the fight.

5 Jealousy

A little bit of jealousy can be good for a relationship because it shows that the other person really cares about you. But I have a friend who can’t even go out without his girlfriend knowing where he is at all times. In one hour, he had 36 missed calls because his girlfriend was worried that he was hanging out with another girl. If you trust your boyfriend then you shouldn’t be jealous of other people trying to get with him.

6 Crazy in-Laws

This is kind of out of your control but can sometimes end a relationship. If you have a crazy mother-in-law who doesn’t think that any woman is good enough for her son, you may have a problem. Try to talk to your in-laws and make peace with them. Trust me, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a lot less stressful.

7 Repetitiveness

If you are in a long-term relationship, good for you! You’ve probably had so many experiences together. However, being repetitive can make a relationship bland and boring. Try to be more spontaneous. Change your dinner and movie dates to something different like rock climbing or going to a vineyard for the day. Change it up girl!

Relationships are beautiful, and we would like to make them last as long as possible right? I hope that bringing these things to attention for you will make your relationship stronger than it already is. Many times we may be doing something without even realizing it! I know that I can get a little repetitive sometimes in my relationship but hey, nobody’s perfect! What are some things that you think can be avoided in a relationship?

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