7 Dos Don'ts in a Relationship ...


7 Dos  Don'ts in a Relationship ...
7 Dos  Don'ts in a Relationship ...

Relationship Advice can be hard for anyone to follow, especially those that have been in a relationship for a really long time. I've been with the Better Half for six years now and we still have trouble following relationship advice of our own! Don't worry ladies, if you are in a relationship and you still aren't sure what relationship advice you should be following, stay tuned because I'm going to detail out the top 7 dos and don'ts in a good relationship!

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Don't Bring up the past

This is a huge, huge obstacle for me. I am the type of person that judges based on past behavior. In my relationship though, I've learned that I can't do that. This is definitely the top relationship advice tip for me and a definite don't!


Do Compliment Each Other

When you have been with your spouse for a really long time, it's hard to remember to compliment one another. Say that she's beautiful, let him know how much he means to you. Trust me, it really makes a huge difference!


Don't Name Call in a Fight

I am so guilty of getting down and dirty when the right mood strikes me ('bout once a month – yanno what I'm talking about ladies), but that doesn't mean it's right. I had to learn to follow my own relationship advice and not fight dirty but rather be respectful. Keep the name calling out of a fight ladies, it's mean and really doesn't do you justice.


Do Kiss – Often

Again, if you've been in a relationship for a while, you probably don't swap spit as much as you should. Kiss your boyfriend. Kiss your girlfriend guys. It will make your relationship better and you'll remember how great it was in the beginning!


Don't Forget the Passion

I seriously see this a lot in relationships. Once the relationship is out of the honeymoon phase, the passion quickly becomes forgotten. Ladies, don't let this happen! This is one of the biggest relationship advice tips that you should follow – after all, who wants to be in a passionless relationship?


Do Listen to Each Other

This is a huge DO. If you don't listen to your boyfriend – how are you going to really understand what he wants or needs? I don't mean half listen either, I mean – actively listen to your partner.


Don't Take Each Other for Granted

Finally ladies, the last relationship advice tip is don't take one another for granted. Don't think that just because you have been together for a while, you'll always be together. You want to live every day like it's your last with your partner.

I know I am truly guilty of one or more of these relationship advice tips, but I'm working on it. If you are in a relationship, maybe you should take some of these relationship advice tips to heart and really work on your relationship. What other dos and don'ts can you ladies think of? Come on, share with me!

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6. Not just listen, but talk. Talking is just as important as listening because without talking there is nothing to listen to. My boyfriend and I are working on more communication and it has helped us connect so much.

Anothe one that you can add to you 7 things list, is do not compare him to anyone, espcially his friends in a negative way. Telling him that someone other guy looked good in something, and forgeting to compliment him on what he wore of did can cause a lot of problems. Come on ladies you know we do it, how many times have you and your man gone to the movies and your favorite male actor comes on, shirtless and sexy and you whistle or make a comment, but your ready to turn on your man the second his eyes stray when a pretty girl walks by. I know that we think of our men as invincible sometimes, but remember that they are human, and they get jealouse just like we do. You don't want to be compared to other girls, likewise, he does not want to be compared to other guys. ( just a thought)

I love this post ! Its 100 percent correct ! I've made mistakes listed on here and now I'm getting a divorce ! So yes , definitely really believe this list because its very true . I've messed up . Like pretty badly . He has too . But I can see from looking at this what I've done .

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