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9 Worst Ways to Handle a Fight with Your Partner ...

By Crystal

Couples will argue, but avoiding the worst ways to handle a fight will prevent the argument from becoming even worse. Sometimes we get so angry, we forget how to fight fair. You don't want to ruin your relationship just because a fight got out of hand. Learn about the worst ways to handle a fight and how to avoid them.

1 Fighting in Public

One of the absolute worst ways to handle a fight is to fight in public. The world doesn't need to know about your problems. Fighting is something personal. All you'll accomplish in public is a load of embarrassment. Plus, you often say things you don't mean just to hurt your partner and embarrass them even more when others are watching. Take a breather and wait until you get home.

2 Telling Everyone about It

You've had an argument with your partner and now it's over. You don't need to tell your friends, family, co-workers and random strangers about it. It's hurtful to your partner and likely just causes more fights. It's fine to vent a little, but don't go overboard. There are some things in life that should stay between the two of you.

3 Apologizing to End It

We're probably all guilty of this one from time to time. We want the fight to be over so badly that we just apologize to end it. The only problem with this is that it causes resentment. This leads to even worse fights. The best thing to do is take a timeout for both of you to think things through and talk about it more calmly later. Apologizing without meaning it just makes things worse.

4 Being Spiteful

Sometimes after a fight is over, we still feel a little spiteful. Maybe you call your partner a not so nice name simply for getting in the way. When the fight is over, let it go. Being spiteful and trying to get a rise out of your partner isn't the way to handle it. Try to talk things through if you're still that upset. Being mean isn't going to solve your problems.

5 Ending the Relationship

Unless you fight constantly or the fights are particularly vicious, fighting isn't a sign of a bad relationship. Every couple fights sometimes. It's how you work through some issues, especially any issues you're passionate about. Having small fights sometimes helps you build a stronger relationship. Throwing up your hands and quitting after a fight just means you're ending what could've been a great relationship.

6 Placing Blame

The entire purpose of a fight is to uncover problems and work them out. Usually, a fight leads to a calmer discussion on how to work through an issue. Now is not the time to start placing blame. State what's wrong and focus on the issue at hand. Avoid blaming your partner for everything. This goes for during and after the fight.

7 Refusing to Apologize

If you're in the wrong, go ahead and apologize. It doesn't hurt you in any way. Giving your partner the cold shoulder simply because they were right and you were wrong doesn't solve anything. Instead, swallow your pride and just tell your partner you're sorry. Of course, only apologize if you really mean it.

8 Getting Others Involved

Some couples love to fight when their friends are around so they have backup. It's not right to gang up on your partner. The argument is between the two of you. Getting friends and family involved does more harm than good. If you just want proof of what was said, record the fight on your phone. When it comes to fighting, leave others out of it.

9 Lying

When you want the fight over with, sometimes you might lie about making changes to fix the problem. If you really aren't going to address the issue, don't tell your partner you will. All you'll end up with is another fight, which will likely be worse than the first. Plus, your partner might lose trust in you if you keep lying during fights. Instead, be honest and offer up compromises.

Fighting isn't always pretty, but doing these things makes it even worse. Make your fights useful to build a better relationship. Try to be as mature and calm as possible to prevent fights from escalating. What do you think the worst way to handle a fight is?

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