17 Winter ❄️ Date Ideas 💡 That Beat "Netflix and Chill" 💻 ...


While it's always nice to relax on the couch with your sweetie, it can get boring. That's why you should plan exciting dates that will get you two out of the house. It's never the wrong time for a fun adventure, so here are a few autumn date ideas that you should try before the season ends:

1. Take a Canoe Ride

Take a Canoe Ride

Steering a canoe requires teamwork. Not only will this date help you two learn to work together, but it'll also give you a romantic view of the leaves changing.

Go Mini Golfing


Cindee Schneider
I love the Peanuts characters! I played Lucy once long time ago.
I love going to Starbucks and chill. Your ideas are great too. Two thumbs up 👍👍
These are great ideas. And #2 from lost BEST SERIES EVER
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