7 Essential Items to Bring on a Date ...


Did you know there are some very essential items to bring on a date?

Ever been on a date and realized afterwards some of your dinner was still stuck in your teeth or your cat’s hair was still on the back of your dress?

If you bring the right tools, you’ll save yourself a lot of embarrassment whilst on a date.

To help you look cool, calm and collective during a date, here are suggestions on items to bring on a date.

1. Money


Even if it’s your partner’s turn to pay for the night out, cash is definitely one of the items to bring on a date.

Your date could accidentally forget his/her wallet at home, the two of you might decide to catch a movie afterwards or you might want to bail early and take a taxi home.

Whatever the reason, you can never be too prepared!

2. Floss


No matter how confident you are that you ate your meal with poise and class, there’s no way to avoid food getting stuck in your teeth!

After enjoying a meal with your date excuse yourself from the table to "freshen up" and do a quick teeth check in the washroom.

If you do find something, you’ll be prepared with dental floss rather than awkwardly spending two minutes trying to pick spinach out of your teeth.2

3. Mints/Gum


It seems like common sense but I’ve been on quite a few dates when my date has asked me for gum after dinner.

A breath refresher like mint or gum is the simplest way to remove any bad breath that might have been caused by dinner.

However, keep in mind to not obnoxiously chew gum or suck on a mouthful of mints in front of your date.

4. Lint Remover

Lint Remover

Isn’t it weird how when you’re at home you’re a 10/10 but when you get under lighting in public places you notice a lot of things you didn’t before?2

Sometimes lint isn’t visible under all lights so bring a mini lint remover with you in your purse.

Lint removers are great for a last minute touch up to your outfit by removing any lint, excess thread, stray hair or dandruff around the shoulders if you have a dry scalp.

Stain Remover
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