7 Classic Dates to Bring Back Today ...

Classic dates seem to have been replaced by trendier, newer dates. Rather than succumb to the trends of the day, travel back a few decades in time and enjoy one of these classic dates on your next night out. Whether that means something big like going to your favorite concert, or something simple like watching the sunset, there are classic dates on this list that you will definitely add to your date night list!

1. A Nice Dinner

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Nowadays, romantic dates are all about β€œdinner and a something.” You can’t just enjoy a nice dinner; you need to go to do something different and exciting after. Why can’t we stick to a just simple, nice dinner? If it’s a first date, you get to know each other, and if it’s a 1000th date, you get to catch up on your shared life. Sure, it’s one of the simplest classic dates, but it’s a tried-and-true classic for a reason!

2. A Night at the Drive-in

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If you can find a drive-in near your town, take advantage of it! It’s the perfect date night activity. It’s different from your typical movie. It’s unique these days, but it’s still a classic date night activity. Why not try it out on your next date night?

3. Your Favorite Concert

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You don’t need to go to a crazy, trendy music festival to have a good time. While this is probably not a first date activity, if you share a favorite artist with your significant other, this is the perfect date night activity for you! Who doesn’t love to see her favorite musical artist, especially with someone you love? It’s a perfect, classic date night.

4. Split a Milkshake

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Sometimes it’s fun to pretend we’re thirteen again. The next time you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, find a diner with awesome milkshakes and make a date out of it! It doesn’t have to be extravagant and grandiose to be an awesome date night; sometimes you just need a milkshake and two straws to enjoy your time together!

5. Bowling

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While the thought of bowling truly does personally remind me of awkward middle school memories and field trips, you can’t help but be hit with nostalgia every now and then with a longing for a game of bowling with your significant other. The next time you’re hit with inkling to relive your youth, grab your significant other and head out for a night at the bowling alley. It’s an old-school date idea that you probably haven’t considered since high school, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun!

6. Go for a Bike Ride

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If you live in a big city, or simply somewhere really gorgeous, explore your area on bikes. You’d be shocked to see what you find on a leisurely bike date with your significant other that you usually miss throughout your hectic days and frantic commutes. No matter where you live, whether it’s New York City or a relaxing beach town, bike rides are the perfect classic date idea to bring back into your rotation!

7. Watch the Sunset

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As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, who doesn’t love enjoying a nice sunset with the person they love? The next time you’re trying to sneak in a quick date night, consider watching the sunset together. It leaves you time to talk while enjoying something beautiful together!

What’s your favorite classic date night idea? Will you try any of these out on your next date night? Let me know in the comments!

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