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Love is in the air! Well, first you have to get through your first date. There are so many fun things to do/places to go on a first date to ensure you have an awesome time. Check out these suggestions and feel free to share your own!

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Going to a Carnival

Carnivals are always fun because it lets you release your inner child! Plus, where else can you win a teddybear who's the same size as you?! Going to a carnival is perfect for a first date because you never have time to be bored. You can spend the night walking around, playing games, eating cotton candy, and of course, riding the ferris wheel together. Carnivals also provide many picture-worthy moments!


Going to a Concert

Music is known to bring people together so what would be better than hitting up a concert for your first date?! There's something truly magical about watching your favorite band or artist with your favorite person. If music is the way to your heart, you could very well fall in love with your date that same night... LOL! It doesn't even have to be front row seats (although it wouldn't hurt!); just hanging out in the venue together is a great bonding experience.


Taking a Cooking Class

If the two of you are foodies, this would be a great bonding experience. You guys can learn how to make one of your favorite dishes or maybe even learn how to bake some delicious desserts! I have no doubt that these cooking lessons together will come in handy.


Hit up a Karaoke Bar

Who doesn't like to belt out the classics on their first date? LOL. If you aren't shy, this is a great date option. Serenade your date with a lovely ballad or bring him up there on stage with you while you two rock out! Do you have a go-to karaoke song?


Trivia Night

First dates can be kind of nerve-wrecking but with this date idea, it doesn't have to be! Going to your local bar's trivia night is fun because the two of you can pair up and see how well you'd work together. The energy from all the other teams would keep you guys pumped all night and you'd never have time to feel awkward together.


Picnic in the Park

An fun and easy spring/summer date to go on is a stroll in the park, followed by a picnic! The beautiful scenery provides a very calm and relaxing vibe and a day in nature is always good for the soul. Doesn't laying out by a tree and eating your favorite snacks sound like a good time?


The Classic Dinner & a Movie

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a classic dinner/movie date. During dinner, the two of you have enough time to talk and get to know each other better and then you can relax and enjoy your quality time together during the movie! There are SO many awesome movies being released this year so you won't have any problems finding something interesting to watch.

These are just a few sweet ideas for a spring date! When it comes down to it, what you do on your date won't really matter if you're out with someone you really like. That always guarantees a good time! Can you think of any date ideas you'd like to share?

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Going to get ice cream is fun. Next time I want me and my bf to share a banana split

My bf and I went mini golfing for our 1st date. Perfect way to have fun and really get to know each other (:

Exactly what to bring to a picnic date ?

LOL. I remember I dated a Muslim before. Our first date was attending a Catholic mass. Sounds crazy. 😂😂

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