Here's Why Every Millennial 💑 Should Wait until They Are 30 to Get Married 👰 💍 ...

Although it's not true for all millennials, many of us are putting off marriage for longer and longer.

Sometimes, we're simply happy in long-term relationships – we just don't need the paper.

Plus, of course, a selection of us weren't even able to get married in certain places until quite recently.

Then, too, plenty of millennials aren't interested in marriage or serious relationships, preferring instead of focus on school, work, travel, friendship, family, and general self-improvement.

The point is, there are excellent reasons why millennials are waiting – and even more than that, there's enough evidence to suggest that millennials might just want to wait until they turn 30 to take a trip down the aisle.

1. It Seems like There Are More Frogs 🐸 than Princes 👑 Today

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Just take a look at Tinder, or any female-friendly article on the internet, and you'll see it – to be fair, though, I'm sure that plenty of millennial men feel that way, too.

One Word: Savings 💸