10 Reasons Your Relationship is Not Working ...


10 Reasons Your Relationship is Not Working ...
10 Reasons Your Relationship is Not Working ...

The reasons your relationship is not working could be due to many things. I’ve watched people break up and I, myself have experienced the exact same thing. There are things that you might be over-doing or under-doing that makes him want to look for someone else. You cannot use the excuse that if he really loves you, he would stay with you no matter what. You both have to be fair to each other.

If your relationship is falling apart, it's time to examine what you might be doing wrong. And then you better take care of it before it’s too late. Here are 10 of the most common reasons your relationship isn't working.

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You're Not Understanding Enough

person, suit, white collar worker, gentleman, businessperson, Misunderstandings are one of the most common reasons your relationship isn't working. You must understand each other at all costs, without keeping records of wrongs. You have to understand each other’s differences and that you are allowed to like different things. You cannot blame each other for the mistakes you’ve made. The only way you can have a healthy relationship is if you are both listening to hear, and not to reply.


There's a Lack of Communication

white, black, photograph, person, black and white, Every couple should communicate, even about the small things. Communication helps people to reach out physically, mentally, and emotionally to one another. You have to let each other know that you are on the same page and you are still willing to work things out. Communication also helps to lessen fights and arguments.


Lack of Effort and Time

photograph, black, black and white, beauty, monochrome photography, You need to put your partner as one of your top five priorities so that he knows that he is important to you and that he is one of the things that matter in your life. Being prioritized is like being a VIP in a club or like an artist walking on the red carpet. Give him that treatment and he'll stay forever.


You Give Him No Freedom

photo caption, I know you love him, but give him some space to breathe. Guys don’t like to be controlled or to be limited from the things that they want to do. Even animals need to be freed once or twice. The point is, you cannot change a person just so they can fit your standard, or should I say you cannot keep someone behind bars to deserve your love.


Lack of Privacy

lighting, girl, You feel like if someone truly loves you, he will be honest about everything and lay it all out for you, but once he does, you demand more, to the extent that he no longer has his privacy. You always have a reason to argue, even if it is not that important at all. Like I said, you cannot lock someone up to make sure that they really love you. After all, he chose you so give him some space.


Honesty is Not Big Deal Anymore

hair, blond, human hair color, nose, beauty, If you cannot offer honesty to your partner, then don’t be shocked if he’s not being totally honest with you. Honesty is a give and take situation. Love is about being secure with someone.


Lack of Support

happiness, smile, computer wallpaper, fun, font, If you really love someone, you will support him in whatever it is that makes him happy. Be there when he needs someone to cheer him up and not put him down even more, be his number one fan. Giving support to someone is like helping him walk when they’re drunk, he will put all his weight on you. It will be heavy, but worth it.


You Have Trust Issues

girl, Trust is always a problem in every relationship, but you cannot use the trust issues bomb as your excuse. You gave him your heart, let him prove to you that he deserves it, and vice versa. Trust is very hard to earn, especially when it has been lost. You cannot fix shattered glass, so be careful and don’t play with it.


Lack of Intimacy and Fun

white, black, photograph, black and white, man, Of course, fun adds spice to every relationship. If you take that away, then I don’t know what else is left. So travel as much as you need. Walk in the rain and dance in the dark. Do whatever it is that makes both of you happy. Also, intimacy is a major component of every relationship. You have to tell each other what you like and make the best of what you have together.


Less Love and More Hate

red, glasses, vision care, eyewear, girl, If you cannot show love and care to your partner, then why are you staying? Why would you hold him back from looking for it somewhere else? If you love him, show it. Give it to him, let him know that he is loved and cared for because that is why you are together. You cannot deny someone what you have promised from the start. You cannot deny him the love he deserves. So stop shouting and ranting all the time, maybe all he needs is a little lovin’.

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