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Worst Reasons to Break up for Girls considering Ending It ...

By Lisa

Are you in a relationship and the thought of breaking up has crossed your mind? Relationships aren’t always going to be all rainbows and unicorns so you will come across tough times during your relationship. This is not to say that are situations when breaking up is essential and you really don’t need to think twice about it. This includes any type of abuse, you feel unsafe, or you’re being cheated on are legitimately excellent reasons to break up. If you’re not in any of the aforementioned situations and find yourself thinking about breaking things off, keep reading to see if it’s something that can work itself out or it’s time to move on.

1 You Had a Big Fight

All couples fight about things and it doesn’t automatically mean that the two of you aren’t compatible just because you have a disagreement. A few bumps in the road isn’t cause to run for the hills. You’re probably still learning about one another and there will be tiffs here and there. If he or she scares you or hurts you in any way, that’s a totally different story. Adversities often bring couples closer together so be patient with your partner.

2 She’s Irritating You

Guess what, we all have idiosyncrasies that someone else might find annoying but that’s no reason to break up with someone! The two of you are spending more time together and getting to know one another more so you’ll discover little quirks and so will your partner. Even if she has a habit that you might deal as a “deal breaker,” remember that relationships are about compromise. Maybe you can talk to her about it and she might bring up a habit of yours that bothers her. Try to talk it out so you can come to a compromise so you both keep your sanity.


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3 You’re in a Bit of a Rut

Relationships go through rough patches so you’ll have your off days. Not every single interaction or date will be as perfect as we want it to be. This doesn’t mean lower your expectations and aim really low, we’re just saying that having super high expectations will ultimately lead to disappointment because relationships go through highs and lows. If your relationship is in a rut or things aren’t exactly how you want it to be, give it some time before resorting to breaking up.

4 You Don’t Have All of the Same Interests

It’s easy to overlook things at the start of the relationship so you might not have noticed that he doesn’t have the exact same interests as you. You don’t want a clone and it’s not mandatory that couples like the exact same things or your relationship is doomed. I think it’s a good thing when partners have different interests. You can learn new things, meet new people you wouldn’t otherwise have met, and you might even pick up a new skill or hobby. Try to look at it as an opportunity to introduce new things to your partner and vice versa.

5 The Timing is off

You know what they say, timing is everything! Sure, sometimes bad timing can cause breakups but that doesn’t mean it’s a good reason to break up. Maybe you’re super busy with classes this semester or he picked up a second job to help cover the cost of his new car. Just because the timing isn’t totally perfect doesn’t mean it won’t work out. It could actually bring you two closer together. The bottom line is, things rarely happen with perfect timing in our lives but we still manage to make it through. Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances because they might not ever happen.

6 You Don’t Have the Butterflies Anymore

The beginning of a relationship is a magical, almost euphoric time. You’re happy and excited all the time and literally feel like you’re walking on air. As great as those feelings are during the honeymoon phase, those feelings will eventually fade. It’s not a bad thing and actually recognizing that the honeymoon phase isn’t a reality is more likely to make your relationship last in the long run. So, if you’re in the post-honeymoon phase, know that what you’re going through is normal and it’s not cause to bolt.

7 You Have a Fear of Commitment

Having a fear of commitment and being in a relationship sounds like a recipe for disaster but that’s not always so! Lots of people have a fear of commitment and it’s not necessarily a negative thing. Relationships bring up all sorts of feelings which can be downright scary so a flood of feelings paired with a fear of commitment might have you wanting to make a run for it. But when you meet that someone special who makes your heart skip a beat, don’t let go because you’re scared. Talk about it with her and let her know how you feel so you can work through it together.

Do any of these situations sound similar to what you’re going through? Can you think of other bad reasons to break up with someone? We’d love to hear your comments or suggestions on breaking up.

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