7 Reasons Why Your Life Shouldn't Revolve around Him ...


More than likely you have a guy in your life and I would like to tell you why your life shouldn’t revolve around him. It is never a good thing when you make the choice to focus too much of your life around your boyfriend or husband. There are much better ways to have a relationship with him. Let me tell you some specific reasons why your life shouldn’t revolve around him.

1. He May Leave

One of the reasons why your life shouldn’t revolve around him is that he may leave. Hopefully that will not happen, especially if you are married, but it is possible. He cannot and should not be your whole life. If you allow him to be and he does leave you, what have you got left? Nothing but a life in shreds.

You Could Lose Your Friends


Alicia Fannin
@Paige, after you read the information on the first point of the article, there is a little box that says Next: 2: You Could Lose Your Friends. That takes you to the next point of the article. There...
this is what's happened to me:( don't do it, they lose interest and start looking somewhere else for entertainment.
I think im heading this way. Now we need a follow up how to article please!@
how do i read the rest ? it doesnt work
I guess almost all girl are like that.. Because when we love someone or something we forgot other value things in life.. Am married for almost a year... Just in less than a year im already losing myse...
Chale' Pointdujour
@Karla I understand how you feel.. this is what I'm scared of. I do a lot in my relationship. I can honestly say my life is completely revolved around my boyfriend and reading this post put it back in...
Everything written here is soo true. I've sadly learned it the hard way. Ladies, please listen up and never forget who really are. Stay true to yourself!
I actually just went through this. My boyfriend broke up with me,& now I'm devastated because I was stupid enough to have my life revolve around him. Always did everything for him, even buy stuff and ...
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