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There is nothing worse than falling for a guy that is showing signs that he is totally uninterested in pursuing anything with you. Did you know that there are signs he's not interested in you, based in his zodiac sign? Whether he is flaking out on plans or ignoring your text messages constantly, there are clear signs that a guy simply is not that into you. It can be difficult to figure out if a guy you’re into is dodging you or if he is honestly just falling asleep every time you have plans. While the zodiac signs are not the end all and be all of a person’s personality, it can definitely give you a bit of insight into your potential guy’s personality.

Although it is not a hard and fast rule, the zodiac symbols definitely line up when it comes to personality traits and how people under a certain sign handle specific situations. Whether he is aggressive or laid back or maybe even overly emotional, his zodiac sign can be quite revealing in regards to why he does certain things. Here are some signs he's not interested in you, based on his zodiac sign.

1. Aries (March 21-April 19)

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You text him often enough without seeming overly clingy. You think of dates and outings that he would like as much as you. You are affectionate but not too much. But, somehow your Aries man is dismissive, cold, and pretty much ignores your efforts. He isn’t paying you much attention when you two are together and when you two aren’t hanging out, your Aries man does not text or sends overly simplistic replies. Cut your losses and leave him alone. His lack of effort is a clear sign that he’s simply not really interested.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)


So true! :) my partner is just this kinda man,annoying sometimes but lovable *)
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