10 Things to Know about Being Friends with Benefits ...


What are Friends with Benefits? Well, it's simple really, you may have started out with a friend. You could both be single and have a level of attraction to one another. Learning what are friends with benefits rules is important if you plan on becoming more than friends with one of your BFF's. So ladies, listen up! I've got the top 10 unspoken what are friends with benefits rules that you'll need to know!

1. Keep It Casual

The first unspoken what are friends with benefits rules that you need to follow is keeping is casual!

The more casual the better.

Remember, you started out as friends, not anything else, so make sure that you don't lose that because now you are a little more than friends.

2. No Feelings

It's okay to care about your BFF with benefits, but no romantic feelings should be involved.

Ladies, this is important.

You want to make sure that you aren't going to cross over to that girlfriend status unless you both feel the same.

Being friends with benefits is a rocky road, but if you're able to keep your feelings out of it, it'll make it so nobody gets hurt!2

3. No Jealousy

Jealousy is the #1 reason why a lot of friends with benefits don't work.

If you want to keep your friends with benefits relationship going, don't get jealous.

So he is flirting it up with another girl – he's coming home with you.

Remember that ladies!

If you can follow this what are friends with benefits rule, you'll be golden!

4. Have Boundaries

As with a typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, you probably have some boundaries right?

Well, with a friends with benefits relationship, you gotta have some boundaries.

Maybe it is him not spending the night, maybe it is him not having sex with anyone else while he is having sex with you.

Whatever it is, you gotta make sure that you outline the boundaries with him!

Remember, You're Not His Girlfriend
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