10 Things to Know about Being Friends with Benefits ...


What are Friends with Benefits? Well, it's simple really, you may have started out with a friend. You could both be single and have a level of attraction to one another. Learning what are friends with benefits rules is important if you plan on becoming more than friends with one of your BFF's. So ladies, listen up! I've got the top 10 unspoken what are friends with benefits rules that you'll need to know!

1. Keep It Casual

The first unspoken what are friends with benefits rules that you need to follow is keeping is casual!

The more casual the better.

Remember, you started out as friends, not anything else, so make sure that you don't lose that because now you are a little more than friends.

No Feelings


I am a married woman of 36 and have just recently entered into a FWB relationship with a younger guy. The sex is amazing and we have fun laughing together and just hanging out...after the mind blowing sex. We text occasionally and keep it friendly, When we are ready for a hook up, we meet up. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I do somewhat agree, FWB is very, very difficult to go through, but it does work for some people, they find a way and I doubt that they are robots -- or in denial. :)
Chemicals are secreted in your brain that cause you to be attached to the person you're having sex with. This is to encourage the family unit for survival of the offspring after reproduction. FWB only works if you are a master of denial. Or a robot.
Hello! I've been there and I agree, it hurts! It stings to see him be intimate with you one second and then go out with someone else the very next minute. But you live and you learn. No more FWB deals for me. I'm way too emotional for that! Thanks for reading :)
I wish I would've read this before I did the FWB thing. I became attached, but I knew he didn't feel the same, and I ended up torturing myself--getting jealous and so on, and didn't even have the "right" to be--we weren't bf/gf. We were close friends and roommates...He is still one of my best friends and I wouldn't change that for anything, but when he started dating someone after 5 months of our FWB deal, it really bothered me that evidently, he didn't see me in a girlfriend way, yet clearly he saw someone else in that way. It made me wonder what was wrong w/me.
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