7 Ways to Cope with a Vain Boyfriend ...


We've all heard that Carly Simon song "You're so Vain" right?

And we all sometimes have the urge to sing it when that guy, who can't help but look at himself in any reflective surface, walks into the room.

You know the guy.

We're all vain to a certain extent and sometimes we wear our image like an impenetrable shield.

It's when the vanity extends to over confidence and being conceited that we need to take steps to quash the behavior or just move on.

If you have a vain boyfriend who takes longer to get ready than you do or who constantly checks to see if all hairs are in their proper place then read on.2

1. Building Confidence

One of the first ways to cope with a vain boyfriend is to try to find the reasons behind his vain behavior.

Vanity is often due to a lack of confidence and a fear of not coming across a certain way.

The constant preening and checking also often masks extreme vulnerability.

You can cope with this vain behavior by showing that you can be vulnerable with him and encouraging him to be vulnerable with you too.



I prefer a mans my boyfriend does trim his toes nails, maintain body hair, moisturise etc which i would consider basics. Nothing wrong with it. Its attractive.
Adea R. Ademi
Jennapher if you love someone for all the good things in them then you try to accept some things (they might be vain)..its about accepting their flaws that gives you the chance and joy to receive the best of them.
Nice tips. Do you possibly have some for dealing with a narcissist?
OK, you're so vain "you probably think this song is about you"....there is a big difference between vanity and being vain, in my opinion. We all have vanity, we care about the way we look, we care what other people see, we care about what they think, to one degree or another. For me, being vain means focusing completely on yourself, how YOU look, on how YOU feel, it's all about YOU...speaking for myself, I don't I could ever seriously deal with a vain person. Just reading your list of ways to twist myself into a pretzel to deal with this vain guy exhausts me! Way too much work!
My husband is vain. He works out every day and takes really GOOD care of his skin. It used to bother me that he had the time for these things and I never had time. I'm used to it now though. It's become a joke in the household, and even he laughs at himself. For him it's not a lack of confidence or any of that. He just knows he's good looking and doesn't want to lose that yet! ;)
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