7 Ways to Support a Friend in an Abusive Relationship ...


Knowing how to support a friend in an abusive relationship is difficult.

We hate to see people we care about being treated badly, so it makes us feel helpless that we can't get them out of the situation.

Sadly, we can't dictate what other people do, we can only be there for them.

So here are some tips on how to support a friend in an abusive relationship …

1. Don't Judge Her

My first tip on how to support a friend in an abusive relationship is to avoid judging her for not getting out.

Most likely we think that in the same situation we would leave, but there may be many reasons why she hasn't done so.

Even if she is aware of the abusive nature of her relationship, she may not be ready to pack her bags and leave.

It's a very big step, and one that she must take only when the time is right.

Open Door


this is good and so hard. I've watched this awful man destroy, isolate and abuse my friend for 8 years. I finally got the truth out of her recently but she's desperately re canting it now. I don't know whether to call a hotline or no. She's a nervous wreck, hides behind clothes n makeup and had been diagnosed with nervous disorders recently. But just like this article says She's very keen to defend the rat to me.
I just got myself out of a long term relationship that turned very verbally/emotionally abusive. It took me literally moving 2 hours away from him to sit down and realize that I (along with anyone else) do not deserve to be treated badly... I found myself constantly trying to give people excuses for HIS behavior and the whole time they were just worried about me. I feel like I have finally opened my eyes and although the relationship is over it is difficult not to want to run back to him..because that\'s what has been comfortable for so long. That is where my friends come in and I love them dearly for it. Xox
Lisa Hayes
Great article, i have also shared my thoughts about abusive relationships.. :) Blessings to you!
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