17 Types of Crushes Every Girl Has at Least Once in Her Life ...

By Holly

You can't help who you fall for. Sometimes, you'll develop feelings for boys that you know are bad influences on you, but it doesn't change how you feel. Your heart wants what it wants. Don't feel bad about it, because here are a few types of crushes that every girl has had at least once:

Table of contents:

  1. on a teacher
  2. on a celebrity
  3. on the jerk
  4. on the class clown
  5. on your friend
  6. on your neighbor
  7. on another girl
  8. on a guy you've never spoken to
  9. on your coworker
  10. on a stranger from social media
  11. on a fictional character
  12. on the waiter
  13. on a family friend
  14. on the stranger that walks by once
  15. on your friend’s brother
  16. on the man you definitely can't have
  17. on the boy who becomes your boyfriend

1 On a Teacher

We've all had a hot teacher that we've drooled over. Even though he was twice your age, you still wondered what it would be like to date him.

2 On a Celebrity

With so many hot guys out there, like Chris Pratt and Liam Hemsworth, no one can blame you for being attracted to celebrities. They're irresistible.

3 On the Jerk

You know he's a player. You know he's no good for you. But that doesn't change the fact that you get butterflies whenever he looks your way.

4 On the Class Clown

He's always cracking jokes, and some of them are actually pretty funny. You can't help but like him.

5 On Your Friend

This is one of the worst types of crushes, because you don't want to ruin the friendship. You try to ignore your feelings and hope that they'll magically go away.

6 On Your Neighbor

Maybe he's your age. Maybe he's a few years older than you. Either way, you love watching him mow the lawn shirtless.

7 On Another Girl

We've all been curious. After all, some girls are just too beautiful to look past.

8 On a Guy You've Never Spoken to

It doesn't matter that he doesn't realize you exist. You still enjoy fantasizing about what it would be like to kiss him.

9 On Your Coworker

You don't want to lose your job over a fling, but you can't help who you're attracted to. After all, you see him every single day.

10 On a Stranger from Social Media

You don't even know what he looks like, but you know he creates hysterical Tweets and Tumblr posts. That's why you fell for him.

11 On a Fictional Character

He only exists in the Harry Potter universe, but that doesn't matter. You still want to have his babies.

12 On the Waiter

You go to the same restaurant with your friends every Friday, and you always see a certain guy working. You barely know him, but you know he's hot.

13 On a Family Friend

Your cousin always brings his best friend to family parties, and that best friend is super sexy. You've even thought about asking your cousin to set you up.

14 On the Stranger That Walks by Once

You've only seen him once, but you can't stop thinking about him. He just had one of those faces.

15 On Your Friend’s Brother

Your friend would kill you if she knew you masturbated to her brother, but you couldn't help yourself. He's everything you've ever wanted.

16 On the Man You Definitely Can't Have

Maybe he's your friend's father. Maybe he's already married. Either way, he's off limits.

17 On the Boy Who Becomes Your Boyfriend

Eventually, one of your crushes will be the real deal. He'll become the boy you spend the rest of your life with.

Crushes will come and go, so don't get too depressed over them. Have you had any or all of these crushes?

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