7 Ace Reasons to Be Glad You're Single on Valentines Day ...


7 Ace Reasons to Be Glad You're Single on Valentines Day ...
7 Ace Reasons to Be Glad You're Single on Valentines Day ...

Being Single On Valentine´s can seem really depressing. All around you there are reminders that everyone but you (or so it seems) is loved and wanted. There are couples everywhere you go, and ways for people to celebrate the day of love. But being single at this time of year isn´t so bad really. In fact, it has many advantages, if you look hard enough. Here are some ace reasons to be glad you´re single on Valentine´s Day …

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Scoff at Couples

Let´s face it, couples in love can be pretty nauseating in their public displays of affection. We must all at some point have muttered ´Get a room!´ as we see a couple apparently oblivious of the fact that they are in public and not in private. So we singletons get the pleasure of mocking couples for having no sense of decorum and being all over each other like a rash.



Being single on Valentine´s Day has one excellent bonus – it saves you a small fortune. Restaurants, shops and bars take advantage to hike up their prices, as they do on any special occasion. Single people therefore don´t feel obliged to part with half a week´s wages for dinner and a gift, just so they don´t look as if they don´t care enough about their partner.


No Pressure

Many people find Christmas stressful, and yet feel obliged to celebrate it, even though it´s not actually compulsory. With Valentine´s Day, being single means you don´t even have to opt out as you´re by definition excluded from the celebrations. This is a good thing, as you are not put under pressure to participate whether you want to or not.



The good thing about being single is that you can stay that way if you like it, or you have the option of finding a partner. So you can look forward to the possibility of meeting someone. If you´re already part of a couple, you don´t have that anticipation – you´ve already found your partner (and presumably hope to stay with them). Single people have all sorts of possibilities ahead of them.


Please Yourself

On February 14th, if you´re single you don´t have to go out if you don´t want to. Instead, you can do whatever you like. You don´t have to be part of the occasion just because it´s a day that´s supposed to be celebrated. So, you can stay at home, do something non-romantic and just totally please yourself.



Valentine´s Day is without a doubt a highly commercialised occasion, with all the themed events, gift displays, special meals and cards. It´s not really about what it claims to be about. So, if you´re single on Valentine´s, you´re free from all the pressure to spend and don´t have to buy into an event designed simply to part you from your money.



It´s nice to show your partner that you love them, but shouldn´t you do that more than once a year? Valentine´s Day is really a meaningless exercise (it´s like only communicating with people at Christmas and ignoring them the rest of the year). There´s no great significance behind this one day, and single people are free from the encouragement to participate.

So if you´re single on Valentine´s Day, there´s no need to feel sorry for yourself or be depressed by your single status. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and this one saves you money (always a good thing). In fact, there are lots of advantages to being single on this so-called special occasion. How do you feel – do you hate it if you´re always single on Valentine´s Day?

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ughh, I don't really like your ''Load more...'' system, I click it in every article, but nothing happens :/

I had plans this valentines day but a few days ago I found he's been lying and cheating emotionally for over a year. I'm not used to being single but your article helped a little bit. Thanks..


i'm going to a valentines day teenage dance thing and the guy i like will be there. what's more romantic than saying you started dating on valentine's day?

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