19 Cool Things to do when Single on Valentine's Day ...


19 Cool Things to do when Single on Valentine's Day ...
19 Cool Things to do when Single on Valentine's Day ...

I am basically an expert when it comes to things to do when single on Valentine's Day! At first, that seems like a rather depressing idea, finding yourself on a day you should be showering your significant other in gifts. But don't lose hope! There are plenty of fun thinks you can do when you're single on Valentine's Day! Here are a few:

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Fondue Party

The thing most of us ladies love about Valentine’s Day is the chocolate -- myself included! Why not have a chocolate fondue party? You and your best friends can get dolled up or even just hang out in your favorite pajamas and sweats. Enjoy a little melted chocolate with fruit, cake, marshmallows and cookies.


Scary Movie Marathon

Being single on Valentine's Day means you can celebrate however you want! You don’t have to focus on love and romance. You can go the completely opposite direction. Gather up a few scary movies and a big bowl of popcorn. Spend your night at home watching a few scary movies and forget all about love.



Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romance, but you can still share the love. Find a place to volunteer your time. Help out the local animal shelter or food pantry. You can either donate your time or bring some items they need. Animal shelters are always in need of pet food and your local food pantry needs consumable goods too.


Go out

Many night clubs and bars have special events going on for those of us that are single on Valentine's Day. Get your girls together and go out for a night on the town! Don’t make the night about meeting a new man, just have fun and enjoy the benefits of being single.


Exchange Valentines with Your Single Friends

I’m sure at least one of your friends is also single on Valentine's Day right? Ask her if she’d like to be your Valentines this year. You can exchange cheesy gifts and cards. Maybe you can even have them sent to each other at work so you don’t feel left out while others are getting flowers and balloons delivered.


Game Night

Game night is another great idea. You can combine it with your scary movie marathon or fondue party. Play games with your friends. If you have both male and female friends needing something to do on Valentine’s Day you can have a “battle of the sexes.” Of course we already know the women will win that battle, right ladies?


Hang out with Family

When was the last time you went to visit your mom and dad, or met up for drinks with your sister? Call up you family and plan a day of good old family fun. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about being in love. It can be about spending time with anyone you love.



Chances are you have some friends that have kids that would love to spend a romantic night with their significant other right? Well, if you're single on Valentine's Day, offer up your services to babysit their children. You may even make a little extra cash out of the deal. More importantly your friends will be forever grateful of your nice gesture!


Get Crafty

Many people make cute, romantic DIY gifts for their significant other. But lucky you, you can make some for yourself! Spend the evening scrap-booking, decorating, or sewing! You can even invite over your friends or sisters to join you. No matter what craft you make, just make sure you have fun doing it!


Shop Till You Drop

Another benefit of being single: the only person you have to shop for is yourself! I definitely love giving gifts to my loved ones, but sometimes it's necessary to spoil yourself, too! Take the day to buy a new, hot outfit for the next time you go out looking for love after Valentine's Day!


Have an anti-Valentine's Day Party

The concept is a little bit depressing, but the party doesn't have to be! In fact, you can make it the biggest bash of the year if you want to! Invite over all of your single friends for a celebration of your independence, friendly love, and happiness. There's nothing pitiful about that, is there?


Get a Tattoo

I wouldn't do this hastily, because it stays on your body forever! However, if you've been wanting a tattoo for a while, the best day to get it might be Valentine's Day! It's something you can do for yourself that's just the right balance of reckless and thoughtful.


Spa Day

Sure you could receive TLC from a romantic partner, but why not just shower yourself in tender loving care? Treat yourself to a mani pedi, massage, makeover, or all of the above! Make the day all about you so that you can show how much you love the most important person in your life—you!


Fall in Love

Um... what? Who is there to fall in love with on Valentine's Day? Well, I don't mean a who, I mean a what! Fall in love with a new hobby or passion; take a yoga class (but make sure you avoid couple's yoga!), write a poem, go for a hike, or take your camera out to see the world through a different lens. The possibilities of what you can fall in love with on Valentine's Day are endless, you just have to embrace them!


Do Some Soul Searching

Maybe to you this day really means something more; it isn't a day to celebrate being single or have an anti-V Day party. If you're genuinely looking for love at this point in your life, it's time to figure out what's stopping you from finding it. Do some soul-searching by writing a diary entry, reflecting on your past relationships, and thinking about what you really look for in a partner. Once you figure all of that out, you can go out after Valentine's Day ready for romance!


Go out with a Celebrity

Seems simple enough, right? If only! But this Valentine's Day, you can "spend the night" with your celebrity crush by renting all of his best movies and binge-watching them all night! Whether it's Leonardo, Johnny, or Channing, you'll get a chance to go on a date with your favorite man in Hollywood—well, sort of.


Go out with a Guy Friend

Don't think you have to stay in, or that you have to have an estrogen-only Valentine's Day! If you have a close guy friend, you two can go out on a casual "friend date". Enjoy each others company, have a tasty meal, then split the check. It will be tons of fun, plus other customers will be totally jealous of your ideal, friend-like relationship with your “valentine”!


Watch a Standup Comedy Performance

You can find tons of these on Netflix, or actually go to a show. Whichever you prefer is fine, because either way you're bound to hear a comedian crack some jokes about love that make you feel a lot better about the single life!


Watch This Video

Just for kicks, you should listen to the song "Life When You're Single." I find it totally relatable! How accurate is it for your current situation?

Being single on Valentine's Day doesn’t have to be a curse. There are tons of awesome ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single. So ladies, what are some other ways you plan to celebrate while being single on Valentine's Day?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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you can drink your feelings away

it was totes a joke, calm down and eat a chocolate strawberry

Haha totally need thiss

And there's nothing wrong with a creme brûlée or tiramisu Here or there. Lol

Why hello there.

Thank you ❤️

no u can just eat your feeling away lol

oh wow

I usually have a get together with single friends, but this year I'll be working.

It's a day like any other. If u have a sweetie great if you don't so what. Life is what you make of it. Our days on earth are not guaranteed so enjoy every moment. Namaste.

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