7 Adorable Things Our Partners do That We Love ...


There are things our partners do that make us fall even deeper in love with them. You spend so much time together that sometimes you forget how amazing the small things they do are. Instead of accepting it as the norm, take some time to think about how much you appreciate their everyday actions. Here are some of the cutest things our partners do that are worthy of thanks:

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Gives You the Look

There’s a certain look that you can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s when they bite down on their lip. Maybe it’s when they raise their eyebrows. It’s different for everyone, but there’s one specific face they make that you absolutely adore. It’s one of the cute things our partners do, and they don’t even realize it.


Calls You by a Nickname

Does your partner call you a certain name or have a common saying that always makes you smile? If it's something that you two share, and no one else knows about, it feels super special. Most couples know each other so well that they're able to communicate with phrases and actions that no one else would be able to correctly comprehend. It's like you have your own secret language of love.


Gives You Sleepy Kisses

Waking up in the middle of the night to feel your lover’s arms around you is wonderful. Getting sleepy kisses or cuddles is sweet as can be, because you’re showing how much you care while you’re half-conscious. It’s even better when your partner tells you they love you in their groggy morning voice.


Introduces You as Their Girlfriend

It’s hard to keep from smiling when your partner introduces you to their family or friends as their girlfriend. It’s a title that is thrown around often, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful to you. Introducing you as his girlfriend, even when your status is clear, shows that he just loves saying the words. You’re his girl, and he wants the world to know it.


Sends Thinking of You Texts

Your partner will text you--or even better, call you--right when you need it. Maybe you like to hear their voice every morning. Maybe you only need to talk to them right before a big test or interview. Either way, they'll be there for you when you need them.


Lends You Clothes

If your partner can't stay the night, you want to feel like they're right there with you. You love when they let you borrow a jacket so that you can smell their cologne while you sleep. Plus, their clothing always seems so much comfier than yours.


Knows How to Fix It All

When you're upset, your partner knows how to remedy the situation. If you like to be distracted from your problems, they'll microwave some popcorn and turn on a movie. If you like to talk things out, they'll sit down and discuss your issues with you. When you're with the right person, just being next to them should ease the pain a bit.

Once you fall for someone, you'll notice all of their cute little habits. Just don't forget about how much you love the small things as your relationship progresses. What does your partner do that makes you proud to be their girlfriend?

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Mine too, every time he calls me by that name put smile on my face

just what I needed ☺️ :) going to see my boyfriend after class

my bf has a special name for me!!!

Really love the sleepy kisses.. Always love a nice long hello kiss too! It's always a nice reminder when he tells you how much he loves you, guys don't express as much as girls. Every now and then it makes my day when he says stuff like that ☺️

For some reason I read the title as "7 adorable things our parents do" I was so relieved when I looked back up after reading about "the look"

Ohhh things my boyfriend does for me

all of the things cited here are all true...! my bf does them all to me.. :) feeling so loved.. :)

loved the article... made me blush more than one thinking of my guy.. thank for this..

yeh. thats all amazing things we got it. after 2 days we are breaked up this post remind and wake me up alot. thank you for sharing this lovely things.

Wow thank you for making this article! It's adorable and even though you were referring to boyfriend/girlfriend relationships...it made marriage seem a lot more desirable :)

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