9 Amazing Well-Kept Secrets of Highly Successful Couples ...


9 Amazing Well-Kept Secrets of Highly Successful Couples ...
9 Amazing Well-Kept Secrets of Highly Successful Couples ...

If you are in a long term, happy and committed relationship, you may often be wondering what are the most well-kept secrets of highly successful couples, secrets that you’ll need to know in order for everything to be always perfect. The causes of a lot of the problems that may appear in most happy couples are due to the fact that after a while, people don’t know what to do anymore in order to make their partner happy. At first, everything seems so easy, but in time things change, and that’s why you’ll need to learn a couple of things about some of the best-kept secrets of highly successful couples.

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They Are Grateful for Everything They Have

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a happy couple knows to be grateful for everything they have and also, they understand that life’s not perfect, that there are things you can’t change and despite all that, they are still really thankful for what they have (and here I mean for the love they carry for each other) and want nothing more. In my opinion, this is one of the most important of the secrets of highly successful couples that everyone should know about. So, what are you waiting for? Compliment your partner and be grateful for the special thing you two have!


They Spend Time Together

When I’m talking about spending time together, I’m not referring to that time spent in the same room with your partner, while each of you do different things and completely ignore each other. I‘m talking about spending some quality time together! Do something you both enjoy, whether you decide to go see a movie, take a long walk in the park or even bake some cookies. Just spend time together and increase your intimacy!


They Set Clear Boundaries

Every happy couple has learned at some point in their relationship that in order for everything to be perfect in their love life, they’ll need to set some clear boundaries and to respect them. Everyone has their own limits and under certain circumstances, if these limits are not acknowledged and respected by others, they could cause a lot of conflicts and arguments. In order to avoid all that, it’s much better and easier to just set clear boundaries that you will never cross.


They Give a Reason when They Say I’m Sorry

When you make a mistake or hurt someone (especially the one you love) a simple I’m sorry may not always be enough. You may not know yet, but most successful couples give a reason every time they say I’m sorry. By doing this too, you’ll be more convincing and you’ll show your partner you are sorry for whatever it is that you did.


They save Money for Indulging Themselves

I know it’s hard to save money nowadays because of all that taxes and quite big expenses, but you should try to make some small sacrifices now and then and save a few bucks for indulging yourselves. Go on a trip, on a city break or rent a cabin somewhere very romantic and spend some time just the two of you. You’ll see that all that sacrifice was not in vain!


They Don’t Argue about Who Does the Chores around the House

I know a lot of women may be tempted to say that in their marriage or relationship, they are the ones who are doing all the chores around the house and that they’re not getting enough help from their partners. Well, if you want their help, just ask for it! Sit down and explain your better half how important it is for you to receive a little help now and then with all those chores around the house. Remember, your partner can’t possibly know what you’re thinking unless you’re telling him what it is.


They Don’t Forget to Make Love

You don’t need to make love every single day but you must at least try to put a little effort into keeping the sparks alive in your relationship. Try not to find all kinds of excuses for avoiding this extremely pleasant way of spending time with your partner! Make some time every week to dedicate to the physical part of your relationship and discover the joys a healthy sex life can bring you.


They Don’t Use Lack of Sex as a Punishment

You must be aware that in every relationship it is perfectly normal to get into different arguments with your partner but, under no circumstances, no matter how serious the thing he or she did, you should never use lack of sex as a punishment for their actions. That never leads to anything good! It will affect your intimacy, and it’s the wrong way to manipulate your partner! Just talk to your other half, explain them how their actions hurt you and this will be punishment enough because no one likes to see the one they love feeling sad.


They Show They Care

One of the most important things to do in order to keep your relationship as happy and wonderful as it was when you two first met, is to always show your better half that you do care and that he or she really is the most important person in the world for you.. Always make time, and ask your partner how his day was, tell him you’ve really missed him and that you’re glad he got home safely. Don’t be afraid to show your love!

These were the best-kept secrets I found out about some highly successful couples but I bet there are many more that I don’t know about. So, could you give me a hand and share with us other secrets of happily married couples? And what other ways to have a happy and healthy relationship do you know? Do tell!

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Ladies remember that men cannot read minds!!! They are clueless!!! Communicate and just be direct!!! They will appreciate you much more and be understanding


Well, one should never taunt or use negative ways of expression to make the other one realise his/her fault

Love these so true! An communication.. If u have something to say to ur partner tell them! Don't go complaining to ur friends first! Come on ppl

Also talking about it at another time allows you

We never have our arguments in public. If we're out with friends and he does something that hurts me I talk to him about it when we get home. That way your friends never bring it up the next day and remind you of being upset in the first place. Also we both know that anytime we are hurt by the others actions, it was never done intentionally. Hurting your loved one out of spite or on purpose is a big mistake. We just don't do it.

I Will put atention

What's the difference in Boundaries & Trust in a marriage? You don't cross over either one!

Love love loved this my boyfriend and I try to keep our relationship as happy and loving as possible even during our fights it still feels like love is there!! Think this article is exactly how people should be to achieve that longtime old fashion love and lasting relationship!!

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