7 Things from the past That You Could Be Pulling into Your Relationship ...


Pulling things from the past into your current relationship is something that all of us do – but how do you stop it? Are you even aware of the things from the past that you are pulling in? Do you know how to identify them? Well girls and guys, I’m here to pick apart what you might be pulling into your relationship and how you can stop it. You ready to explore your past? Ready to face that you could be sabotaging your own relationship? Let’s go!

1. Old Habits

By far, one of the most common things from the past that most people pull into their new relationship is old habits. Just because your boyfriend or girlfriend and you constantly got up at a certain time doesn’t mean that your new guy or girl are going to be the same way. You’ve got to break out of the same old routine and come up with something that works in your current relationship. Don’t drag the past in – it isn’t pretty!



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