7 Annoying Girlfriend Habits That Guys Don't like ...


There are a lot of annoying girlfriend habits that guys don’t like. Even if your boyfriend is head over heels with you, there are still a few things you might do that really annoy him. Studies show that there are a few things women do that piss all boyfriends off. Sometimes, your guy wishes you would stop behaving so unreasonably and start being more approachable and understanding. Try to avoid doing these next things, so you can increase the intimacy in your relationship and keep the spark alive between you and your boyfriend. Here are a few annoying girlfriend habits that guys don’t like:

1. Talking about Relationship Issues with Others

One of the most annoying girlfriend habits that guys really don’t like is the fact that most women, when they’re having problems in their relationships, tend to talk about them with everyone who’s available. Most guys tend to shut themselves up when they are having a hard time in their relationship. On the other hand, most women do like to debate this topic with everyone around them.

Asking His Opinion on How You Look


Joana, what advice do you need?
I need some advice, and I don't know who to turn to, and since you guys are girls too, I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me out or knows someone I can talk to
Thank u
Idk... I think guys tend to do these things.
I meant "their" own things going on {grammar}.
I disagree with #4 that "most women tend to get very bored when they are alone". Most women I know have there own things going on, just as much as men do.
#4 depends on the personality of your boyfriend. In some cases he's the clingy one in the relationship.
Guys gossip more than women and they feel more insecure
well guys do some of these to us....
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